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Internet Evangelism Round-up for the Week

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Every Friday during the month of April as we focus on Internet evangelism, we’re going to do a round-up of all the news articles and blog posts written about Internet evangelism.  Here are some links to check out.

Reaching the world through Internet Evangelism Day – Global Media Outreach describes their online evangelism tools and opportunities as they prepare to support Internet Evangelism Day.

Two Christians missing in Iran – Blog reports Iranian Christians who were previously arrested for Internet evangelism are now missing (few details or citation included).

Hey Jesus lovers, watch your mouth – Discusses the importance of avoiding Christian jargon and terms non-Christians don’t understand.

WELSTech to discuss internet evangelism – in their next episode

April is Internet Evangelism Month at OurChurch.Com – OCC is providing search marketing services, discussion, and blog article related to IED all month long (yes, shameless plug, but relevant never the less).

And of course you’ll want to check out the IED blog aka Digital Evangelism Issues on a regular basis.

These blogs also mentioned IED this week:

If I missed anything please feel free to post a link in the comments.  If you blog and haven’t mentioned IED, do it and I’ll link to you next Friday.
Any thoughts on these articles?

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  • I am glad to see sntjohnny ‘s website on here. When I read the teaser in my RSS Feed, I thought I might have to post a link to his site, but you guys are awesome as usual and listed him. He is a wonderful man and great friend of mine. I have known him and his family pretty much my entire life. He has done internet missions for a very long time. He has open discussions with atheists and the like. He does have his own apologetic university which is starting in its second session. He is also a great author with his Birth Pangs series. He is blessed and I continually pray for him and his family and his ministries.

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