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Internet Evangelism Idea #16: Unprecedented Opportunity

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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This post is part 16 in the series 20 Ways to Share Your Faith Online leading up to Internet Evangelism Day on April 25. We encourage you to tweet, share, blog & discuss these ideas in your church & circle of influence.

I’m writing this from seat 41A, 35,000 feet in the air. Even on an airplane, miles above the earth, I have access to all the information in the world through a Wi-Fi connection. We live in amazing times. Technology is converging and things are moving quickly. Evangelism is moving forward at the same pace as advancing technology into every corner of the planet.

Reading through the “20 ways” posts this month, I’ve been encouraged by the many great ideas for sharing Jesus online. Twitter, Facebook, live Chat, and email all offer ways to connect with people looking for Jesus. We’ve seen some great ideas. All of these strategies are connected by one main point: people are looking!

Our world is more connected than ever before. The World Wide Web has grown into its name. The Internet is where people go for information – to find answers. Naturally, people are going online to find answers to their spiritual questions too. Even in the face of censorship and restrictions people are looking for Jesus online from the most among the most hostile countries in the world. From places where missionaries can’t go, people are logging on to find Jesus. The lost are hungry for Jesus. I encourage you to visit Global Media Outreach’s site and watch for a few minutes. You’ll see people being exposed to the gospel from nearly every part of the world.

“Opportunity” seems like too small of a word for this conversation. God only knows why he has placed you and me in this point in history. He has blessed us with the tools and the ability to share Jesus with the entire world. This is something that no other generation of believers can claim, and I can easily see how Matthew 24:14 may be fulfilled in our lifetime. This is an opportunity that no others have been given. What are you going to do with it?

As we celebrate Internet Evangelism Day this weekend, thank God for placing you in this life, at this point in time. What a privilege! Then pray about how God might use you to open the door for those seeking Him if you’re not already. If you’re wondering how to share Jesus, I know a blog where you can find 20 great ideas.

According to his Twitter bio, Nick Runyon is… a man who loves my wife and kids, and enjoys exploring new ways to connect with people. He blogs at

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Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


  • Very encouraging post, Nick. As a Presbyterian minister, I encourage *all* pastors reading these posts to consider building Web evangelism into your ministry and mission approach. Don't let this opportunity slip by!

  • I have to agree with Nick also. I have been an online missionary with Global Media Outreach for over a year now and have reached the hurting and the lost for Christ Jesus with more people than I would ever have dreamed possible. This method of email evangelism and disciplehip allows me deeper spiritual input into peoples lives every day of the week. As such I am a now mentoring, pastoring and sharing the Love of Christ worldwide…. Without ever leaving my home or stepping foot into a seminary! It has taught me so much and keeps me on my knees and in the Bible like never before. To Jesus be all the glory! He is coming soon! Every believer in Christ who is online should take advantage of this amazing opportunity to fulfill their calling in Christ.

  • GMO has allowed me to speak boldly to a world of new believers in a way that is much more intimate than even a face to face meeting. I now have brothers and sisters in Christ worldwide that I know better than some of my neighbors. God is awesome and the world is shrinking!

  • I too am blessed to be used by God to reach people around the world. I have used computers since the 70's and when the internet came into play I immediately started using it.. It took me the last 3 years to learn that I could reach people with the Gospel on the internet and now that I am a part of Global Ministry Outreach I can see what a difference it is making. I have communicated with people from all over the world including Turkey, Iran, Iraq and other Muslim countries. It does not matter that many have chosen to not keep in touch, I expect to meet them in heaven where we can connect in person.

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