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Inspirational Social Media Sunday: 5 Ways To Share On GodVine

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Social media is changing the way we share stories. In the last hour, I have seen a 10 month old baby say “I love you,” watched a baby boy pronounced dead come to life in his mother’s arms, and watched a father surprised on his birthday by his daughter’s return from war. All of these videos have supportive comments under them from people who watched and were touched. The social media site sharing all of these inspirational stories is called GodVine. There are many ways to share life on this site.

1) Videos: Aside from the three videos I shared above there are many more with supportive comments below them. If you enjoyed the video enough want to share it, there is a Facebook like and share button. This is how my grandma shared the video I spoke of from a previous article.

2) Prayer Requests: There is also an area on the site to submit prayer requests for people to pray about. Under each request you can click “Pray for this Person” and the person can see how many people have prayed for them. There is also an area to leave comments for the person who wrote the prayer request. Here is an example:

3) Testimonies: Users of this social media site can also share their testimonies and read other people’s stories to get encouraged. There is a comment section here as well for people to communicate.

4) Online Bible: In addition to being encouraged through other peoples’ stories, the Word of God is accessible on this site to reference any time. You can search by verse, book, or topic to find the passage you are searching for.

5) Christian Answers: There is also a chat forum for Christians to ask and answer questions. This is a nice place to go ask other people what they think about many different things, such as fasting, drinking, marriage, etc. As well as impart any wisdom that you have. These are everyday people that can be referenced for their opinions. In the end, we make decisions based on our own convictions, but asking other people is always helpful.

Discussion Questions:
1) What would you share on GodVine?
2) Have you shared on GodVine before? If so, what was it?
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Kayla Reuter

I am the Social Author for Salty Waffle’s faith based outreach. Please see my blog ( If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @FaithNetworking.

Freshly graduated from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, I am now living around the world as a trailing spouse with my husband, a US Air Force medic. I seek to help others use social media to connect their faith based community. I believe social media will assist you in spreading the gospel and teaching the word of God while sharing testimonies, life lessons, joys, and personal struggles with people in your community.


  • Dear GodVine. There’s a typo in my email address and the wrong
    Password so I cannot login to the site. I use it on Facebook,so how do I fix the problem.. please help.. loretta

  • I have a daughter that the Lord has blessed with a beautiful voice. I have video from church of her singing two songs at the age of nine and two songs thie year at age 11. How can i submit them to Godvine for posting? Just wanting to share the Lords word thru song! if you know how i can do this my email is

  • Many years ago my very much loved little brother died. He was all alone in a strange hospital.
    For years I have been agonising that I wasn't there to be with him. Then one day not that long ago God gave me a beautiful dream, that has been very comforting to me.
    I would love to share that dream especially with parents who have lost a child perhaps under tragic circumstances and are grieving even more because they think the child was all alone before it died.
    Is there somewhere I can share this story ?

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