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Increase Conversions Up to 19% in One Simple Step

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Whether you are a business trying to sell products and services, a school trying to get new students, or a church trying to get new visitors, we all want our websites to convert people.  By that I mean that businesses want visitors converted to customers, schools want visitors converted to students, and churches want online visitors converted into off-line visitors and eventually…members.

Getting More Conversions
The task of increasing conversions can appear to be a daunting one.  There’s no shortage of information and recommendations of how people should go about increasing their website’s conversions and much of that advice can get pretty costly and difficult, such as running usability tests or changing your check-out process.  However, there are some quick and simple things you try to increase your conversion rates.

Here’s One Simple Thing You Can Do to Increase Your Conversion Rates:
Increase the font size of the text on your website.

What?  That’s too easy!

Yep, it’s true.  Many sites have small text that make it hard to read.  When it’s hard to read, people leave…which makes it pretty hard for them to convert.  Try increasing the font size to 13, 14, or even 16 pixels and see what happens.

16!  That’s Crazy!

Actually, it’s not that crazy.  Most people sit 20-23″ from their computer screen.  That’s a much greater distance than where we hold books.  So, a 16px font on a web page actually appears about the same size as regular 12 point type in a book.

Why it Works
When people feel comfortable reading the content on your site, they are more likely to stay on your site and read it.  If it’s too small and they have to work to read it, they are more likely to leave or feel uncomfortable.  So, make it easy on them.

Give it a Try!
So go ahead and try it.  Take a few minutes to increase the font size on your pages and ask people what they think, watch your analytics to see how visitors respond.  If you are familiar with A/B tests, you could setup an A/B test so you can compare how many conversions you get.

Still Not Sure?
If your still not sure text size makes a difference, consider this post.  This article is entirely in a font size of 16 pixels.  My bio below is in the standard 12px font.  Which do you think is easier?

Picture byBjørn Bulthuis.

Share Your Thoughts:

  • Do you find the larger font easier to read?
  • What other simple things do you think could be done to increase conversions on websites?


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