How to Use Training Videos to Advance YOUR Mission

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Training videos are another great way to use videos to advance YOUR mission. Yes, even yours!  (If you’re not sure how, keep reading.)

Last week we announced New Expanded Access to Training Center Videos for those with Silver web hosting accounts.  I mention this to give you an example of how we here at OurChurch.Com are using training videos to advance our mission.   

4 remarkable benefits of using training videos include:

  1. Save time and resources. Record the training once and use it an infinite number of times.  No need to have a leader teach or do a training session every time you have people who need training. 
  2. Guarantee consistent training. When leaders provide training, their training may differ from session to session or class to class. Different leaders may teach things differently. By recording training videos, you guarantee the training will be the same every time.
  3. Better experience, especially for visual learners.  Training videos are much more engaging than training manuals or books. 
  4. Increase convenience and participation.  When placed online, people can watch them anytime and anywhere.  It can be difficult for people to get to a specific physical location at a specific time for training.  By putting training videos online you have the option of doing your entire training online. Or if you choose to use videos in an in-person class or small group setting, when people miss a meeting, you could let them watch online so they don’t miss out on content or fall behind.

Training Videos for ANY Type of Organization

It may be tempting to think training videos are only a possibility for organizations like OurChurch.Com who are teaching people how to do things on a computer, but that is not the case at all.   Some other types of training videos that can be effective include.

  • Your church’s new members class
  • Your church’s new believers discipleship class
  • Your church’s training for people serving in various ministries.  (Everything from using the sound system to infant nursery requires training.)
  • Your business’s new employee orientation
  • Your business’s new employee training for each specific position or task
  • Your nonprofit’s new volunteer orientation

The possibilities are endless! 

The bottom line is…

Creating training videos saves time, improves the training experience, and helps you advance your mission.

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OurChurch.Com has online video tutorials for our WP-EZ website builder, custom designed websites, and search engine optimization services, so the churches, ministries and businesses we work with can more easily learn and get help with the tools we provide. Let us know if we can help you in any of these ways. 

Comment and Discuss

  • Where is your organization on training videos? Already using them? Considering creating some? If so, for what purpose?

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