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How to Move to Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics

How to move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Last week we discussed Google Analytics 4 and the new help page and video tutorial we published that shows how to integrate your website with GA4.

If you’ve never integrated your website with Google Analytics before, I encourage you to read that article, watch the video tutorial and get your website setup with GA4.

But, if you’re using the previous version of Google Analytics, called Universal Analytics (UA), you’ve got a bit of a challenge. 

Google announced that it will be discontinuing Universal Analytics July 1, 2023 and…

There is no way to transfer website data from UA to GA4.

Some of the most useful insights come from making year-over-year comparisons. For example, how many people visited your website from search engines this May compared to last May?

Since there isn’t a way to transfer data from UA to GA4, if you want to be able to make year-over-year comparisons next July (when UA is gone), you have to start collecting data in GA4 by July 1 of this year.

And if you want to continue to make year-over-year comparisons for the next year, you also have to continue to collect data in UA.

So, how do you collect website traffic data in both UA and GA4 for the next year?

We created a video tutorial and help page to show you how to do that.

There are three broad steps to this:

1) Get your current UA tracking code from GA

2) Create a GA4 “property” in GA and get your new GA4 “Measurement ID”

3) Use the GA Google Analytics WordPress plugin (which comes installed in all websites built with our WP-EZ Website Builder) to integrate both UA & GA4 with your website.

View the UA to GA4 help page and video tutorial for step by step instructions.

If you built your website with our WP-EZ Website Builder, we recommend you follow these instructions by June 30, 2022.  If we provide your organization with SEO services, we will take care of this for you.  If we built a custom designed website for your organization, ask our support team about adding or updating GA.

Why are analytics so important?  Because… 

Knowledge is power. -Sir Francis Bacon 

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