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How to Help People Find your Events Online

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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One of the best ways to reach out to people in your community is by doing events that meet people’s needs.

  • Classes
  • Recovery groups
  • Free health screenings
  • Sports activities
  • Networking groups

People are searching for activities like these in your community.

How to Make Sure No One Finds Your Event in Search Engines

The typical church, school, business or nonprofit hosting an event, puts something like this on their website:


It’s a little blurb added to an existing page. To participate, a person would have to click to the generic “Contact Us” form and fill it out. For other events there might be a name and number to call.

I did a search for Parents Night Out in the city where this church is located and the page is nowhere to be found.

Want more people participating in your events? Make sure your event info is optimized for search engines.


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SEO for Events

If you want people to find and participate in your events, here are some suggestions:

1) Create at least 1 page specifically for the event. Don’t just list it on a calendar or upcoming events page.

2) Include at east 1 quality image and a description on the page. Your description of the event should answer the 3 basic questions every person who sees it will ask themselves, “Is this for me?” “Why should I participate?” “What’s my next step?”

3) Optimize the event page for search. Make sure the name of the event, a keyword-rich descriptor and the name of your city are in the title tag, the description tag and the H1 tag of the page.

4) Promote and link to the event page on your homepage. I like using image sliders on the homepage. You can put an image for each of your 3 biggest upcoming events in the image slider and make them link to each event’s page. This will help both human visitors and search engines that visit your homepage to find your event pages.

5) Offer online event registration and payment on the page. If your event requires pre-registration or pre-payment, including online event registration and payment options will make it much easier for people to register and/or pay immediately.

6) Share the event page on social media.  Social media shares and likes help search rankings. Plus the more people who see the event in social media, the more links it will get from newspapers and community groups.

Help news organizations link to your event

Many newspapers and community websites list upcoming events. By providing a unique page specifically to your event with a photo and description makes their job easier. If you provide online event registration, they are much more likely to link to your event, including text like, “For more information and to sign up, click here” as opposed to “For more information and to sign up, call (555)-123-1234”

Links are still have a huge impact on search rankings, but they’re tough to get. Publishing a page about an event that’s fun or helps people is one if the best and easiest ways to get links to your website.

Online event registration is a feature we offer with our WP-EZ Website Builder and custom website design.  And if you’re looking for better search rankings and more website visitors, you can read more about our Christian and Church SEO services.


  • How are you currently promoting the events your organization hosts?
  • What improvements are you considering to help people find your events in search engines?

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