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How Often Should Your Website be Redesigned? The Answer May Surprise you

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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As we are in the heart of Redesign Month at OurChurch.Com, we have been discussing the importance of redesigning your website, giving you some real-life examples, and explaining the results that some organizations have experienced after redesigning their website.

Many organizations understand that they should redesign their websites from time to time but they don’t know how often a website should be redesigned:

Your website should be redesigned every 2-3 years.


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Below are 5 reasons that your site should be redesigned every 2-3 years, not more, not less:

  1. Design styles change:  Just like styles change in homes, cars, and fashion, website styles change.   Having a website design from 5 or 10 years ago, doesn’t only reflect on your website’s ability to stay current but it reflects your organization’s ability to stay current.
  2. Old website designs can do more harm than good:  I often hear people say “Even a bad website is better than no website at all.”  Well, although I think it is imperative for all churches to have a website, having a bad website can turn people away.
  3. Website redesigns take time:  In theory, getting a new website design every year sounds like a good idea, however, they do take time to implement.  Even if you have a website development company like OCC implement your new design, you will still need to provide new homepage content and approvals along the way, both of which take time.
  4. Changing your website too often will frustrate your users:  Humans are creatures of habit.  Changing your website will irritate a some people at first.  Changing the design and layout too often will cause unnecessary frustration.
  5. Website redesigns cost money (sometime):  Most website development companies will charge $1000+ to redesign your website.  However, there is a trick to getting around this!

With all of our Custom Design Packages, we include a FREE redesign every 3 years. 

Do you want to talk about getting a website that include free redesigns?  Please contact me here!


  • What are your thoughts on how often a website should be redesigned?
  • When was the last time your website was redesigned?
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  • Hi Mark, amazing article 🙂 But if we redesigned our website, will it affect the seo result of our website? I heart from one of my friend, he told me that once we finish the site, we’d better not to change the site content again, does it correct? 🙂

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