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How do you plan for Joy?

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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If I were to be completely transparent, I sometimes get caught up in the busyness and worldly aspect of Christmas.  Instead of focusing on Christ and serving others, I feel the pressure to find the perfect gift, go to all the Christmas parties, and decorate the house to compete with the Griswolds.

I’m not saying it is wrong to give gifts, attend Christmas parties or decorate for Christmas but instead of focusing on those things, I need to make an intentional effort to seek the Kingdom of God first and plan ahead or eliminate some things to avoid being so busy.

One way that I can seek Him first and keep Christ at the forefront of my mind is by filling my mind with the message of Jesus.  Reading the Bible is the best way to do this but when working or doing other things that don’t allow for reading or being able to focus on listening to the Bible, I find that listening to Christian and Christmas music helps keep me focused on Christ during the Christmas season.

We at OurChurch.Com want to help you, your staff, and those who visit your website to have the same opportunity to listen to Christian music and during the Christmas season, listen to Christmas music.

For the past year, we have partnered with The JOY FM, a Christian music ministry that has stations across the southeast U.S.  The folks at The JOY FM have a heart for Christ and help point their listeners to Him through great music, scripture verses, and stories about people who have been impacted by Jesus.

We have and are still making it very easy for you to add The JOY FM listening button onto your Christian or church website.  All you need to do is to email or call us and we will add The JOY FM button to your site.  Once it is on your site, all someone needs to do is click on the button and it will bring up The JOY FM’s online player and let them listen to great Christian music.

There is only one limitation to this… your website must be hosted with OurChurch.Com for us to add The JOY FM button.  We don’t have the ability to add it to websites that are not hosted or built by OCC.

So why don’t you help your visitors plan for Joy over the Christmas season and add The JOY FM button to your website?  If you already have The JOY FM button on your website, send a few messages over the next month inviting people to your website and asking them to click on The JOY FM button.

Helping You Find JOY!  – The JOY FM

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What are other ways that you help stay focused on Christ during the Christmas season?  Post your comments and questions below.

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