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PhoneTree logoThe holiday season is here. We’re busy getting ready for fall festivals. Soon we’ll be decking the halls and counting how many shopping days left until Christmas! For me, this season is full of family, friends, food and faith. Thanksgiving just isn’t complete without people stepping over one another in the kitchen. The conversations are priceless and laughter abounds. What a wonderful time of the year.

This is also the season for Christmas pageant and cantata rehearsals – Sunday school parties – and special youth events. Make sure everyone on the list gets the correct details and in the way they want to be contacted. PhoneTree® VoiceWave™ Plus and Premium communicates your important messages via phone, text, email, and social media – or all four! It’s easy to use, saves time and is very affordable. Why wouldn’t you want one?

  • Give pertinent information about upcoming events
  • Request & manage volunteers
  • Advanced reporting confirming who got the message
  • Multi-lingual messaging automatically delivers alternate messages in multiple languages
  • Simultaneous messaging allows you to send out multiple messages at one time
  • Contact Groups allows configuration of over 250 specific groups; allowing you to create custom parameters for each group
  • InfoLine turns your VoiceWave into an inbound message center; perfect for committee news, directions, hotlines, and more!

And because it is a season of giving, we want to give away a $100 Visa gift card.  To be eligible…

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  2. Share a favorite holiday memory in a comment (and include the Twitter or Facebook username where you shared the post)

We’ll select one lucky winner Friday, October 26 at 4 PM ET.

We would also like to help you and your church, school or ministry communicate more effectively. Give one of our communication experts a call and see how we can help you before that first cantata rehearsal!

Happy Holidays from the PhoneTree family!

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    • Thanks for bringing my attention to PhoneTree. Here's hoping for some extra $$ to help give others some extra attention this Christmas… 😉 Shared the post at @KingdomGuy1.

      A favorite Christmas memory? When I was 9 or 10 years old, by grandparents, who lived a few thousand miles away and hadn't seen me in awhile, sent me a men's size XXL jacket for Christmas. My dad, brothers and I were all able to fit inside with the coat zipped up! Got some joy from passing it along to an XXL family friend. And after all, "it's the thought that counts."

    • A most memorable Christmas is in 1992 after my husband came home after brain surgery and rehab. The doctor had called that Christmas Eve and said that John's brain was completely healed and that he would never need brain surgery again. After three hospitals and 6 months, that was the best Christmas present I could have ever received. Biancia Tate, Hope Network (David's Tabernacle)

    • My favorite Christmas memory is when I was about 17 years old and all of my siblings were gathered around the dinner table for Christmas dinner with my parents, some of my aunts and uncles and tons of cousins were there as well. My mom had fixed this HUGE feast and we had opened presents already and shared gifts with one another. It was one of the few times we were all together in one place other than at a funeral. We laughed at some of my dad's stories and ate too much of my moms amazing cooking but, it was so much fun. I think being around family that day mattered more than any gifts we may have recieved. Those times are gone now since most of those relatives are no longer with us. I must say those were the days! God bless! I shared this on my facebook page Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    • One of my greatest Christmases was when I was given a little red cadillac which had working headlights, turning front wheels and wired controller. Since I was part of a nice sized family(15) I tried to give a gift to all the members. The best way to do that was to make my way to the discount store and get those multi-colored gym socks with the contrasting thick lines for the brothers and perfume or board game for the sisters. Of course a little more thought went into honoring Dad and Mom with appropriate gifts. As I reflect on those memories I concluded that the gifts generally reflects our inner love for those we treasure, but more importantly the love that the Lord shared towards us.

    • One of my favorite memories is waking up on my 17th Christmas and finding my parents had a car for me. 🙂 I shared this post on my pinebeltdesign twitter account.

    • My most memorable Christmas remembrance is when I was "big enough" to help my grandma wrap all of her presents. I had so much fun helping her add a dollar here, a dollar there to presents to make sure they were all fair and even. I shared with Twitter.

    • I am glad to heard about this.
      I am in prayer with you all who will be giving.
      Pastor Roberts
      cell +231-880937391 or +231-776216416

    • Christmas memories for me here in South Africa also centers around being with family on a usually very hot day!!
      Yes we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in summer. So it's usually a outside affair also with lots to eat and doing summer fun things like swimming!

    • Hi Paul, My fave Christmas memory was when I was 10 years old, my Dad played Santa for my cub scout troop. Regards, Lenore #goodnreadytogo Do your Christmas shopping where you can get my personalized service as well as unique affordable gifts, coins, collectibles, ornaments, and Disneyana with FAST FREE SHIPPING to the USA at my online boutique

    • Hey Everyone, it's a little later than planned, but it's time to announce the winner of the gift card. Before I do, thanks to all of you who shared your wonderful holiday stories. I hope everyone who reads this will be inspired to create some amazing new holiday memories this year!

      The winner of the $100 Visa Gift Card is…

      Brian James – @KingdomGuy1

      Congrats Brian!

      We'll be in touch via email to get you that gift card.

      Big thanks to PhoneTree who partnered with us at OurChurch.Com to bring you this giveaway. PhoneTree has some awesome communications services available that enable you to communicate more effectively with the people in your church, school or ministry via text, phone, email and social media. Check out what they can do for you at