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Helping People – A Great Way to Build Links

Written by Kurt Steinbrueck

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Robyn-StawskiMeet Robyn Stawski.  She’s the one punching through a board in the picture to the right.  She also happens to have cerebral palsy.  She’s also suffered a severe brain injury.  In the image on right, you see her standing to punch through the board, but for most of her life she had to rely on a wheelchair or other form of assistance to get around.  All that is starting to change and Robyn attributes a large part of that success to the free special needs Tai Kwon Do class she attends each Saturday that is offered by Mr. Torres with Life Skills Martial Arts in Tampa, FL.

So, what does this have to do with link building?

The other day a reporter, Alex Hobson, from the local ABC News affiliate heard about Robyn and Tai Kwon Do class that was being offered.  She decided to do a story on Robyn.  The story aired on the 11 o’clock news and they posted the story on the ABC Action News website.  You see the story here.

No really, click the link and take a look at the story.

Notice towards the end of the story what you see.  That’s right, there’s a link to the Life Skills Martial Arts website.  It’s not just any old link.  This is a link from a trusted local news source.  This is the kind of link any SEO would give their right arm to get.  And there it is.  Mr. Torres didn’t even have to ask for the link.  He just decided to be awesome and help some people.  I happen to know that this is just Mr. Torres just being Mr. Torres because I see him every week teaching my 5 year old Tai Kwon Do.

What can you do?
I talk a lot about the need of webmasters to create great content for people knowing that great content can attract links.  However, there are other ways to get links.  Helping other is one of those things.  Not that you should go around helping people just to get links (though I guess that still not all bad since you’re helping people), but just know that one more good thing that can come out of helping people is awesome links which can help you rankings which can bring you more traffic and help you achieve your mission online.  So, start thinking.  What can you do?

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