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Written by Rowan

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responsive web designWith more and more people surfing the net on mobile phones and tablets its becoming more and more important to consider how well your site is performing on these devices.

If this is the first time you’ve thought about this and you’ve got no idea how your site is performing head over to a site like Responsinator. Responsinator lets you check out how your site performs on multiple devices ranging from ipads to android phones.

So if you’ve had a look at how your site performs and you’re not particularly impressed its time to consider responsive design!

So what is responsive design?

Responsive websites adapt to size of the device they are being viewed on. The menu will change, boxes will move around the screen to make them fit in more useful spots etc. For an example of a responsive church website check out the Mars Hill Church website, change the size of your browser and you’ll notice how the site changes so it still looks good, nifty eh! Basicly responsive sites work by running a quick test on the size of your browser window and laying the blocks out accordingly.

So how do I get my site responsive?

Luckily for us responsive design is almost the standard now. If you’re from a larger church then simply add it into your specs when you’re negotiating with your web designers and it shouldn’t add more than a few hundred bucks to your budget. If you’re from a small church and you’re budget is next to nothing don’t distress, a responsive site is still within your grasp! You can buy loads of cheap responsive templates for CMS’s like WordPress or Joomla at places like Themeforest. I bought a template from themeforest for my church joomla site for $45 and have been really happy with how it turned out.

Do I really need to bother?

According to some sources mobile internet usage will soon overtake usage on fixed devices like pc’s or laptops. People within your congregation may be forgiving about your site not being up to scratch but what will potential visitors think if they can’t navigate your site on their tablet or mobile?

Are you going to make your site responsive in 2014 or have you seen any awesome responsive church sites?

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Hi my name is Rowan and I attend a small church in regional Australia. I first got into web stuff a few years ago when I had a crack at redeveloping the church website and haven't looked back! You can check out my church at


  • I have a theme that is responsive but the content appears uneven within its page container so that it appears aligned left. I want to make sure that it is always centered no matter the screen size; and I was wondering if I could and how to convert it to being fixed or correct the issue.

  • The responsive web design [link removed] is very helpful to catch all kinds of users to our business, if we were not using a responsive design on our e-commerce or business websites then we can lose many leads and business.

  • A process of designing websites to provide an optimal viewing experience for all type of devices as well as for all type of internet browsers. In the past it was not possible for a website to have responsive look for each device and browser until HTML5 was introduced.

    Responsive web design is the future of the HTML designs. Now it is considered the best way to design business and/or personal websites in a professionally way. Web surfing via mobile devices is improving much day by day and in the coming few years mobile website surfing will take place 70% of the personal CP or laptops usage due to 3G and 4G invention. There are millions of web design companies and almost each web design and development company provide their best services in responsive web design.

  • That’s been too much informative rather interesting too, will definitely get more of the stuff out here in the near future from the same part of the blog, as I got more of the catalogs.

  • We certainly have to be more cautious about the responsive design and shouldn’t take it as easy as we find other things much available for us, also there are other sources like joomla and many other providing you an opportunity to be aware of the latest templates.

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