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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Professional Feedback

A couple of weeks ago, I took my car in to my mechanic. I wasn’t aware of any problems, but it had been 2 years since I had brought it in. I asked my mechanic to check it out and to see if it needed any schedule maintenance. Turns out it needed the brake pads and spark plugs replaced (which I did), and I got reassurance that everything else was in good shape.

I’m due to see my doctor for a physical. Sometimes I might go with a specific issue I want to discuss with my doctor, but the bigger reason is so to get his professional analysis of my health to point out things I would otherwise not be aware of.

Complimentary Website Review

While my mechanic and my doctor charge to analyze my health, we want to give your website a checkup at absolutely no cost to you.


Because it’s our mission to help you live out your mission online.

We know sometimes a few small tweaks can make a big difference in your visitors’ experience.

We also believe…

The best church websites aren’t the flashiest but those that help connect people to the info, resources & people they’re looking for.

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But wait, there’s more… 🙂

1) 10 Point Website Checklist

A couple years ago, we took the 10 most common issues we see with websites and created a 10 Point Website Checklist.

With so many media sources tell you so many things you “need” to do to your website, many people have told us they’ve found this simple checklist remarkably helpful.

2) Complimentary Website Review

To get your website reviewed by one of our professional website developers, request a complimentary website review. (Yes, its free and I promise we won’t try to sell you anything)

3) Best Christian/Church Websites Awards

Next, we want to recognize the churches whose websites address all 10 points on the checklist by giving them the Best Church Websites Award. And similarly we want to recognize other Christian websites (schools, ministries, businesses) with the Best Christian Websites Award.

By giving out these awards we hope to show that any Christian organization – no matter what the size or budget – can have one of the best Christian websites.

And we hope that when your church website or Christian website wins the award (that’s right, not if but when…), you will inspire other website administrators to address these 10 common issues so their websites also are among the best.

4) Win a $50 Gift Card

Finally, for those websites hosted by OurChurch.Com, we are giving points towards the monthly Top Websites Challenge for each of the items on the 10-Point Checklist! The top 3 sites and one random winner receives a gift card of up to $50 each month.

After you nominate your website, we will review it as quickly as possible. Within a day or two you should receive an email either congratulating you on your award or letting you know about specific things you can improve on your website. If there are any issues, we hope you’ll fix them and let us know when they’ve been addressed so we get you your award.

**NOTE: Everything resets for 2019. If you got points in 2018 for your website review, those points have been reset to 0. This is because we believe just like it’s important to see your doctor annually for a physical, we believe websites should be reviewed at least annually to be kept in good health.

Complimentary website reviews are 1 of the 5 Ways to Take Your Website to the Next Level in 2019


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    • I like try this nominate. I like get award and I do need help with getting my site out to all God’s children. Even through my site been up here since 2008-2019 now. I have been blessed to start submit to podcast some of my poems too. I hope to add award on my web site for all that are blessed by word of hope. And if do get $50.00 would help with hosting and domain fees every month.