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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Create an Email Template in MailChimp

Fastest, easiest way to create an email an email template in MailChimp
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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When getting started with email communication, and specifically with MailChimp, one of the most important steps is creating your email template.

Why is creating an email template important?

First, using the same template for your recurring emails will save time. For each email you send, instead of starting from scratch, you’ll already have the email formatted the way you want with the content sections you want. All you have to do is update it with that “issue’s” content.

Second, using the template will help your emails to be more consistent both in their appearance and their content, and this helps your subscribers to engage with your emails and your organization more consistently.

Pro Tip: Start Simple

When creating an email template, you may be tempted to try to make it beautiful and complex with custom graphics, multiple columns, embedding media, etc.

Don’t do it!

Your emails will have zero impact if they don’t get sent because you’re spending weeks or months working on your template.

Also, keep in mind that your subscribers are looking for information and/or inspiration from you. That means the text in your email is much more important than how it’s formatted or any graphics/media you might include.

Plus, you can always improve your template after you’ve started sending regular emails.

It’s better to get it going than to get it perfect.

It's better to get it going than to get it perfect.

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To learn the fastest and easiest way to create an email template for your church, ministry or business watch this video from Lesson 9 in the Email Communication that Works course.

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