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Do You Need Church Web Hosting that Includes Email?

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Email – it is still the most reliable form of mass communication.

As we continue our series 9 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Church Web Hosting Company, today we look at email.

In the past, web hosting accounts included email service, so that if you setup web hosting for MyChurch.org, in the same account you could setup email accounts likeinfo@MyChurch.org and PastorBill@MyChurch.org

After leading a company that provides web hosting for more than 2 decades, I can tell you that email accounts are the most problematic, frustrating and time-consuming component of web hosting services. There are just so many moving parts – the user’s computer, email software/tool, spam filters, ISP, email account on the server – that setting up email accounts and fixing problems can be very challenging.

As a result, many web hosting companies have started charging extra for email accounts (Sqauarespace, Wix), and some don’t offer email services at all (Clover, MyChurchWebsite).

As a church, you have 3 options when it comes to email:

1) Every man (and woman) for him/herself.  Every person gets their own email account with Gmail, Yahoo or whatever service they like best. This is the easiest option, however, the downside of this is it lacks branding and authority.  If a person visits on a Sunday, it looks much more organized if they get an email the next day fromPastorBill@MyChurch.org than PastorBill007@gmail.com. You also don’t have the option to setup accounts like info@MyChurch.org or youth@MyChurch.org for specific purposes or ministries.

2) Specialty email services.  Some companies have developed email services that are independent of web hosting.  These include G Suite by Google and Office 365 by Microsoft. I don’t know about Microsoft, but Google has a program in which it makes G Suite available for free to nonprofits. This is a pretty good solution if your church is a registered 501c3 and you’re willing to go through the application process.

3) Web Hosting with email.  This is the traditional solution where email services are included in the web hosting solution.

There’s no one email option that is best for all churches.  The main thing is you need to decide which option you church is going to go with, and if you want your church email accounts to be handled in your web hosting account, you need to make sure your web hosting account includes email.

Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale. -David Newman

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If you’re looking for church web hosting that includes email accounts, we hope you’ll consider OurChurch.Com.


  • Which of the 3 email options described above is your church using? Why?
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