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Do you have the right people on the bus (part 2)?

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Last week I talked about how some organizations have the wrong people making the decisions for their website. I gave the top 5 reasons unqualified people are in charge of an organization’s website.

Today, I will give the top qualifications that someone should have if they are going to manage your church’s website


Top 5 Qualities of a Church Website Manager

  1. Be a Christ follower:  If you are a Christian church, for someone to be in charge of your website and making decisions on the content that will go on your website, they should be a Christian as well.
  2. Well organized:  This is the most important skill that your webmaster needs to possess if they are going to be effective in keeping the website up to dates.  If they are not organized, it will be a constant battle in keeping the website current and running well.
  3. Have the time:  One of the biggest excuses that people give for not doing things if that they don’t have the time.  Don’t recruit someone to be your webmaster who is already over-committed.
  4. Have the desire:  There may be many people who meet the first 3 criteria, however, neither you nor your webmaster will be happy if they are only maintaining the website out of obligation.  Find someone who truly wants manage your website.
  5. Have web experience:  You will notice that this is the last of the top 5 qualifications that I list for a webmaster.  The reason this is the last qualification is that many websites are built on platforms that are easy to learn and use.  At OurChurch.Com, we build our custom websites using the WordPress platform, which is very easy to use.  So although having previous web experience is very helpful, it is not the most necessary qualification.

What do you think of these qualifications?  Do you agree or disagree with them?  Please share your thoughts below.

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