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Do Christians and Online Horoscopes Mix?

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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horoscope astrology bibleWhether or not they’re supposed to, by the looks of many Facebook and Twitter profiles, Christians are not only reading their horoscopes online but sharing them with their friends.

What does the bible say about horoscopes and astrology?

Do not be tempted to worship or serve what you see in the sky – the sun, the moon, and the stars. –Deuteronomy 4.19

I make fools of fortune-tellers and frustrate the predictions of astrologers. The words of the wise I refute and show that their wisdom is foolishness.  -Deuteronomy 44.25

If Jesus is Lord of your life, look to Him alone for wisdom and guidance.

“But it’s just for fun. It’s no big deal.”

That’s the first step down the path that leads to all deadly entanglements. “It’s just a few pictures.” “It’s just flirting.” “It’s just one hit.”

Isn’t the goal of your spiritual journey to move closer to God each day? If so, does your horoscope do that? Does it get your mind thinking, “Let me see what God has in store for me today?” Or, “Hmmm, I wonder if that’s what my horoscope was referring to?”

Where does your light point?

But, let’s just say you’re relationship with God is so awesome it really is no big deal for you. Do you think that’s the case for every one of your Facebook friends? Every one of us has friends online who don’t have a relationship with God yet. We have friends who are in challenging circumstances and are looking for guidance. Do you want to lead them to a false god of a horoscope? Or do you want to show them that the real God of the universe loves them and wants to guide them to a remarkable life?

I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plant to bring about the future you hope fork Then you will call to me. You will come and pray to me and I will answer you. you will seek me, and you will find me because you will seek me with all your heart. -Jeremiah 29.11-13

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. -James 1:5

Lead your friends to the Light rather than to the stars!

Edit: While I hope you’ll share this post on Facebook and Twitter, if you have Christian friends who are sharing horoscopes on Facebook and Twitter,  instead of publicly condemning them, consider sending a link to this post privately with a short note saying something like, “Hey, I know you love God and want to honor him with your life, so I thought you might want to check out this article that talks about the bible’s view of horoscopes. Let me know if you have any questions or want to talk more about it.”

How have you responded to Christian friends who share horoscopes on social media? How about friends who are not Christians? Has it provided opportunities to discuss spiritual things?


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By submitting this form, I give OurChurch.Com permission to send me communication by email.

About the author

Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


  • Great article – thanks for posting. I've been wondering what the best approach would be – many of my christian friends are posting their horoscopes. Hopefully they'll read it from my "like." ;o) If not, I will certainly email it to them privately.

  • All that Modeless said is true. voddoo is a form of witchcraft and the bible speaks against it. It is demonic and REAL so all of the things along the line- horoscopes, tarot cards, spell casting etc. leave it alone. Its an portal in which demons are let in and they will wreck havoc oon those who open them and even those who are connected with them.

  • Do they mix? No.

    I have a past in the occult and was saved and delivered out of a wrong pursuit for truth on the 'dark side'. When Jesus rescued me, and showed me THE Truth I was looking for, I remember at the time it was quite often stated that "the doorway to the occult was through ouija boards (and horoscopes)". I could not agree more.

    The devil seems to tempt and ensnare us through out & out lust/desire for the forbidden in our areas of weakness, or … through curiosity. He makes us intrigued about something and any lack of surrender in our lives permits us to excuse ourselves to 'investigate'. Before long the net is pulled and we are trapped.

    When Satan tempted Eve, or Jesus for that matter, did he tell her the end results of where the initial curiosity or question was leading? No way! She (He) would have rejected it outright. So it is with horoscopes. It's a sticky glue to get us unwittingly into Satan's clutches.

    Don't mess with the fringes. I have seen too many people in a lot of demonic pain and needing some serious deliverance because they messed with crystal balls, tarot cards and horoscopes ("because they were harmless"). It NEVER pays!

    Leave horoscopes alone! It is a counterfeit to the prophetic gift in the Church. Seek God and He will show you all you need for serving and following Him.

    • Praise God for delivering you! I appreciate your perspective as someone who was involved with the occult, validating the concern that horoscopes are often the first steps down that slippery slope.

      • Thanks very much Paul. I appreciate you raising the topic too. At first I was a little upset to read it, but I am a returning missionary to a land I left 30+ years ago and the place has changed. In the old days people didn't ask that stuff in the Church, because it was widely understood as taboo (at least in N Ireland), but a post-modernism that questions everything has since invaded the land and, although positive in some aspects, one of the negatives of that is that people get involved in stuff that is clearly wrong (biblically). Again, thanks for raising the subject!
        God bless.

        • Well, maybe it's just because I have a tendency to believe the best in people, but I think (and hope) that in most cases this happens because the Christian is just ignorant about spiritual implications of horoscopes. Christian leaders just assume everyone "gets it" so they never talk about horoscopes, meanwhile new believers have grown up in a culture that doesn't think they're a big deal and just don't know. That's why in most cases people don't need someone to condemn them, but rather someone to show them the truth in an encouraging way.

  • While its good too look out for people we need to be aware that even our Godly practices can become idols also, just because its in the bible and handed to us by a succession of Godly people does not diminish our number 1 priority being relationship with God. Even the idea of the bible being the word of God is separate from actual relationship with God.

    One person wants to use the clock set by God in the sky, another uses a man made clock . We steer people away from appreciating Gods gifts by putting everything (including God's interaction with us ) in man made packaging. Genesis 1:14 – 19 tells us God Placed the Sun, Moon & Stars for a purpose, humanity chooses to deviate from this purpose and defy the created the created order.

    Polemics like this can subtly lead us on a path towards processed ideas rather then God. If we can take what God has given in fulness and put it in perspective these topics can be approached in ways that wont attack or potentially drive some away sensing judgement/condemnation.

  • Thank you for this Bible based, Word centered, God ordered Biblical commentary on Christians and Horoscopes. I was looking for a way to address the issue in a non-confrontational way and there you were- bible references and all. Thank you and to God be the Glory in the name of Jesus Christ.

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