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[deadline] Best SSL price ends today

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Over the last 2 days, many organizations have secured their websites with an Affordable, Full Service SSL.

If yours is not one of them, know that the price of an Affordable, Full-Service SSL certificate is increasing in a few hours.

The 50% discount ends at 5PM Eastern today.

It will still be available for a few more days but after 5PM EST today, an Affordable, Full-Service SSL certificate will go up to $79 per year instead of $49/yr.

Click here to add an Affordable Full-Service SSL to your website

Here is what a few folks who have a SSL for their website have said:

  • Thanks so much. I really appreciate your integrity and your willingness to go out of your way to make sure things are right. -Dennis (New York)
  • Please proceed with the solution. Make my website Secure. -Eliezer (New Jersey)
  • Yes, we would like to add the full service SSL Certificate. -Jim (Texas)

With the new changes to web browsers and search engines, having an an Affordable, Full-Service SSL for your website is crucial and we are offering it for a half off discount for a short period of time.

You only have a few hours left to take advantage of this 50% off discount.

A phrase I often hear is

Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute.

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Well, it is the last minute, so get it done… now 🙂

Click here to add an Affordable Full-Service SSL to your website

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