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Custom home builder reveals insight into building new website

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Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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Orange Blossom Developers is a custom home builder located in Palm Harbor, Florida.

They have had a web presence for over a decade but their previous website was old and looked outdated.  

They were in need for a website overhaul.

I asked Brooke Hughes of Orange Blossom Developers about the thought process behind building a new custom website, their site building experience, and how their new site is benefiting their company:

Q: Tell me about the issues you were struggling with, with your old website?

A: The main issues with the old site was it was not cell phone compatible and it looked dated.  With most people using their cell phone to access our website it was a big concern.  We wanted to look current and up to date with our technology footprint.  We also needed a site that can be easily updated with new photos of our latest projects.  Pictures for us as builders create a lot of the initial draw.

Q: What was the process like working with OurChurch.Com? 

A:  Working with OurChurch.Com was a pleasure.  With us not really being technology savvy, their insight and ability to listen and hear what we were saying was very helpful.

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They were inquisitive and thoughtful regarding what we were looking for.  They found excellent samples/themes for us to view and choose from and get a good idea of what our website might look like.    They were upfront with timeframe expectations and met them all.  When they didn’t like the way a certain function worked on the new sight they researched it a found a better solution.  (i.e.: gallery)  I truly felt like we were working together to find the right website for Orange Blossom Developers, Inc.

Q:  What are some of the benefits you see the new website providing to the your company? 

A:  The site looks awesome.  It is very attractive and eye catching.  I love that we have big photos to capture the viewers’ attention right off the bat. The functionality of it is very smooth.  I also like that you will receive a pretty good summary of Orange Blossom and what we do on the very first page, just by scrolling down.  It is providing us with a great tool to showcase our latest work and draw our customers in to discuss what their dream homes look like and how we can be their builder.

Take a look below at Orange Blossom Developers’ new homepage.

You can check out their full site at http://orangeblossom.org/

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