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#Cultivate09 Custom A: Developing a Web Strategy

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Online discipleship, building community and outreach are often talked about, but what is working? Come hear case studies, best practices and participate in a conversation about how the web can be used to fulfill our mission.

Drew Goodmanson – CEO of Monk Development + Elder at Kaleo Church

Gabe Taviano – Christian web designer at + blogger at + podcaster at + disciple at + husband to @marlataviano

What do you want to help people accomplish with your website?
– We’ve got the website, but how do we get it out there?
– Drew’s research shows that church websites aren’t reaching unbelievers
– 60% of church attenders said the church was helpful with their own evangelsm
– If no one visits your website does it really exist.
– Is the reason websites are ineffective for evangelism is because the content isn’t for unbelievers?

How are we going to gather people?
– 77% of people said the church website was an important factor in their decision to join the church
– 30% of people first heard about a church online
– 20% of content is dedicated to visitors.

How do you do discipleship?
– You don’t want the discussion about the message to be limited to just Sunday
– Old method was forums, new method is Twitter and FriendFeed
– Most online discipleship is learning information

The church is asking itself can it exist entirely online
– We are addressing the whole issue of “presence.”  Does location matter?
– The way people connect is changing and that is impacting the ways churches organized and are governed.

Be passionate and be professional

Vista Community Church on Friend Feed.

The more welcome videos you can do (for each ministry) the better.  Keep them around 1:30 or less.  Also video of changed lives.

Gabe recommended an “Invite a Friend” feature.

Gabe’s church has a form people can fill out saying when they are coming for a visit, that way the welcome staff is ready for them and can meet them.

What can you do to get the leadership of the church to embrace and promote the website?

3 audiences
– Primary audience for homepage
– Secondary audience, people trying to get connected
– Third audience, regulars trying to get resources

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