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Could This Be Killing Your Church Outreach?

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Church leaders, in the digital era, it’s critically important that your online presence support your offline outreach. What specifically does that look like?

Imagine… you put a big sign in front of your church to promote an outreach event. Or maybe you’re doing a big open barbeque in a local park. Or perhaps your outreach is to serve others in your community. Or maybe you’re old school, sending teams of people to knock on doors and extend personal invitations to their neighbors.

When God stirs the heart of a person touched by your outreach, what will they to do next?

Most likely they will pull out their phone and look up your church online.

If they can’t find your church website when they search Google, Bing or some other search engine, that could be the end of it.

All that prayer, preparation, and hard work that went into the outreach could be totally derailed because of a technical problem with your website that prevents search engines from reading it, a lack of optimization, or because you haven’t setup, verified, and optimized local listings for your church.

This is why it’s so important not only to have a good website but to do search engine optimization so it’s easy to find in search engines.

If you suspect your website may have an SEO problem or you haven’t done any SEO at all, we have a great free resource for you: The Ultimate Guide to Church SEO.

If you don’t have the time to learn and become proficient at church SEO yourself, our team of professionals can take care of it for you. Schedule a free phone consultation to see if our church SEO is right for your church.

The bottom line is this…

If you’re searching for church outreach ideas, put SEO at the top of your list!

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Comment and discuss…

  • How is your church doing outreach this fall?
  • Can the people you reach find your church website online?

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