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Church Social Media Makes Front Page of @TampaTrib

Church Social Media - Tampa Tribune
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Subscribers of the Tampa Tribune opened their papers yesterday to this…

Church Social Media - Tampa Tribune

Tampa Tribune Reporter Michele Bearden, did an excellent job writing about how churches are using social media to connect with people in their communities and communicate with their own members. She cites the examples including Relevant Church led by Senior Pastor Paul Wirth and new church plant Citrus Point Church led by Jimmy Cazin. Michele also did a companion video piece that ran on News Chanel 8 this weekend.

Michele and I talked on the phone a couple times about churches’ use of social media and I’m glad to have been able to contribute in a small way.  My hope is that many more church leaders will read the article, see the way social media is helping these churches accomplish their mission, and take bold steps to make better use of social media.

You can read the full article here and help by liking/sharing/tweeting this post or the original article. If the church leaders you know have been slow to embrace social media, you may also need to email this to them or print it and put it on their desk. 🙂

To what extent has your church embraced social media?  What results have you seen?  What barriers are you experiencing to making better use of social media?

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