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Church SEO: 5 Ways to Improve Local Search Results

Local SEO for church
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Previously, we explained the difference between organic search listings and local search listings.  In this article, we’re going to look at what to optimize for better local search results.

Before we get to that, though, it’s important to understand one thing you probably can’t change.

The #1 factor in Google local search results is distance from the city center.

Google has determined what it believes to be the center of every city in the United States. The closer your church is to that point, the better your church’s position in the local search results for “churches in [your city]”.

A while back, I was talking with a pastor of a church in a small town that’s about 20 miles away from a larger city. He wanted his church to be towards the top of the search results for “churches in [the larger city].”

I did a quick search on Google Maps and discovered there are more 100 churches closer to the center of that larger city than his church. Additionally, the map Google displays with the results for “churches in [the larger city]” is zoomed in on the larger city to the extent that the location of his church isn’t even on the map.

I had to tell him the only way his church would ever appear in the local search results for that city is it if moved closer to the city or planted a new church/campus in the city.

If your church happens to be located close to the center of your city, you have a built in advantage over other churches. If your church is on the outskirts, you’re at a disadvantage and will have to work harder to optimize things you can change.

5 Ways to Improve Your Church’s Local Search Results

1) Create, claim and verify your Google Business Profile. While the organic search results includes websites, the local search results only show Google Business Profile (GBP). If you haven’t created a GBP for your church, it won’t appear at all in the “local 3 pack” or Google Maps. For step-by-step instructions, see  How to Create, Claim and Verify Your Google Business Profile.

2) Update and complete your GBP. Make sure the address, phone, web address are accurate. Add a description that includes your city, adjacent cities, your denomination and other descriptive terms people may search for (e.g. Christian, traditional, modern, charismatic) or ministries people may search for (e.g. AWANA, youth ministry, college ministry recovery ministry, weddings).

3) Add photos to your GBP. Photos won’t necessary improve your local search rankings but people are more likely to click on a local listing that has photos.

4) Get more reviews. The number of reviews is one of the biggest factors in Google’s local search algorithm. We’ll talk more about the best ways to go about getting more reviews in a future post. In the mean time, check out this free resource: The Ultimate Guide to Online Reviews.

5) Optimize your website. The authority and relevance of your website is another major factor in the local search results. If you want to rank better in the local search results, following these recommendations Church SEO: What to Optimize for Better Organic Search Results.

Bottom line…

A verified, optimized Google Business Profile is a key component of church SEO, marketing, and outreach.

Google Business Profile for church marketing

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If you’d prefer to have someone else do all of this for you, this is all included in the church SEO service OurChurch.Com offers. Click and schedule a complimentary phone call with one of our church SEO experts.

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