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Discounts for Your Church on Software and Web Services?

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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church software discountsLast month OurChurch.Com and United Methodist Communications (the communications ministry of The United Methodist Church) announced a new partnership. The partnership was facilitated by Tracy Wood who is marketing coordinator for a ministry within UMCom called TechShop.

TechShop has an interesting purpose, so we recently interviewed Tracy about TechShop and her role in that ministry.

Paul Steinbrueck (PS): Can you explain what TechShop is?  What is its mission?

Tracy Wood (TW): TechShop is the technology ministry of The United Methodist Church.  We strive to bring our United Methodist churches and affiliated organizations with discounted software, hardware and peripherals, as well as website solutions.

PS: How does what TechShop does help local Methodist churches?

TW: TechShop helps United Methodist churches save money on the latest technology available.  We are able to save churches between 25-80% off retail prices for the hottest software available like Office 2010 and Adobe CS5 products.

PS: Have you been able to see the impact TechShop has had on specific churches? Do you have any specific stories or examples?

TW: Small churches are greatly impacted by the tremendous savings we are able to provide.  For churches on a limited budget, purchasing Office 2010 for $96 is much more affordable than purchasing it retail for $500.

PS: What is your role at TechShop and what does your day-to-day job look like?

TW: I am the Product Marketing Coordinator with TechShop.  I manage the day-to-day operations as well as procure deep discounts on software titles and hardware.  Daily, I scour the web for the latest software titles that are most valuable to our customers.  I also develop the marketing plan to further the ministry of TechShop.

PS: In addition to posting them in the comments below, if anyone has any questions about TechShop how can they get in touch with you?

TW: If someone has any questions, needs more information about any product or are looking for a product we don’t currently carry, they can email techshop (at) umcom (dot) org and we will be happy to assist them.

What do you think of the TechShop ministry?  If your church is a part of a denomination or church association does it have a ministry like TechShop that facilitates recommendations and discounts for software and services?  If not, do you wish it did?

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