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Christian COVID-19 Response: Faith, Love & Unity

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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As people all around the world continue to deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, one truth I’m reminded of is this: in every crisis, God provides opportunities.

Christians Respond

I’m seeing Christians in local churches all around the world take steps of faith, love, and unity:

  • Christians are worshiping together online with the help of live streaming
  • Christians are inviting friends and family – who at other times might not physically go to a worship service – to join them for an online service.
  • Life groups and bible studies are gathering online using Facebook Hangouts and Zoom.
  • Christians are calling and texting each other to check in and let them know they are not alone.
  • They are making their needs known and sharing when local stores are out of essential items or people are in financial need.

Christian Organizations Respond

I’m also seeing Christian pastors, ministry leaders, and business leaders praying, crying out to God. They are surrendering whatever plans they previously had to the Lord, and being led by the Holy Spirit. As a result, Christian churches, ministries and businesses are making dramatic changes to love and serve their people through the pandemic.

Here at OurChurch.Com, orders for new services and support requests have more than doubled this month.

We’ve been praying, planning, and adjusting. We’ve added support hours (including more weekend support), re-allocated more staff to support and provisioning new services, added and improved help pages. For more OCC news and links to info about live streaming, online giving, and putting sermons on your website, see our COVID-19 update.

Shared Faith, Values, and Service

Through these trying times, we see firsthand how important it is to be “equally yoked” with partner organizations who share our faith and values. We appreciate Streaming Church and Tithly – both Christian-led companies that are 100% committed to helping Christian churches the pandemic.

That leads me to today’s church website builder tip:

Choose a church website builder developed by Christians who understand the communications needs of the local church.

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For those of you who have partnered with OCC for website services, we appreciate your trust and hope you are experiencing the peace of mind that comes from working with a Christian organization.

If your website service are through a big, secular company that doesn’t share your faith or a company that is not responding to your needs during the pandemic, we invite you to build a church website with us. You can have your new website up today, and we can help you with online giving, live streaming, and posting sermons on your website.

If you’d prefer we design a custom website for you, we can do that too. Just fill out the consultation request form below.

Comment and discuss… Where are you seeing Christians and Christian organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with faith, love and unity? How important is it to you to partner with Christian organizations that share your faith and values?

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