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Good morning and welcome to March everyone. With the turning of another calendar page, it’s time to take another look at the analytics for Christian Web Trends to find trends, top posts, and funky keywords. Plus we’ll announce the top commenter from February who will get a free copy of Less Clutter, Less Noise by Kem Meyer.

Top 10 Search Phrases

  1. church communication
  2. register to be a guest blogger
  3. church communications
  4. facebook for churches
  5. jesus on facebook
  6. church website tips
  7. facebook destroying marriages
  8. northpoint every christian couple should know
  9. perry noble
  10. webinar means


  • 5 of the top 10 phrases were repeats from January, actually 5 of the top 7. Facebook, church, and communication continue to be strong themes.
  • Nearly all of the people who came to CWT by searching for church communciation and church communications went to the post 8 Ways to Improve Church Communications with No Money which ranks #6 in Google for church communication and #7 for church communications.
  • Our church website tips page is #1 in Google for “church website tips,” drawing visitors, and visitors who find that page are reading more posts than any other. But much of the content on that page is old, which means we’ve got a great opportunity if we improve that page.
  • 1700 different keyword phrases were used to find our blog in February.

Top 10 Blog Posts

  1. Win a Free iPod Touch from Shelby Systems!
  2. 4 Reasons Why Church Websites Don’t Attract Visitors
  3. Less Clutter, Less Noise: 10) Untangle The Web
  4. How the Social Network Christmas video exploded our church’s Facebook Page
  5. Less Clutter, Less Noise – The Group Blog Project
  6. Less Clutter Less Noise: 12) Ask, Don’t Tell
  7. Make Your Website Simple, Beautiful, and Remarkable in Website Design Month
  8. Less Clutter, Less Noise: 11) Rewrite Your Job Description
  9. Google Shakes Up Search Results with Social Media
  10. Less Clutter, Less Noise 1) The Myth: You Are In Control of Communication


  • Probably the coolest thing about this list is that I only wrote 2 of the top 10 posts. Guest bloggers rule!
  • 8 of the top 10 posts were written in February. The other 2 were written in January. Usually we’ve got several older posts that make the top 10.
  • 5 of the top 10 posts were in the Less Clutter, Less Noise series.

Funky Keywords

Time to see the funny, crazy and bizarre terms people used to find Christian Web Trends in February…

  • 01 commandments – For the person who can’t handle all 10
  • being a hotwife comments on video – ???
  • buy a wife slovakia – I guess word has gotten out that wives are among our top selling products
  • does google make up the results – yes, out of thin air 😉

Top Commenter of the Month

And now our top commenter during the month of February, and winner of a copy of Less Clutter, Less Noise is…

Kenny Jahng

Congrats Kenny! Thanks for regularly contributing your insight in comments

What have you learned from checking your website analytics?  What was your post popular post in February?  Got any bizarre keywords to share?

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    • “Wow, I never thought about commenting as building my Alexa ranking, or any ranking for that matter. I’ve always commented on posts of friends and on strangers post I’ve enjoyed. And I’ve visited those who have visited me, because it feels rude not to. Mostly, I comment because I get a buzz out of comments on my blog. Leaving a comment is like leaving them a buzz, something to make them smile. Bigger bloggers like yourselves may have forgotten that simple thrill.

      Now, this post just gives me more incentive to look out of my usual blogging circle. The bad thing is, I’ve always read bigger blogs, but didn’t think adding my comment to the hundreds already there helped anyone. Who knew?

      Thanks so much Anne, and hey, awesome stats! You clearly give what your readers need. 🙂”

    • Hello,
      Awesome good to see that you include your readers in your blog posts. Hope i will be the next who’s name comes under top commenters in your blog post.
      Regards. Shubham