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The Best Church Websites: 5) Are Not Incomplete

Written by EricaCouture

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Could having an incomplete website be holding back your business or ministry?

Could it be keeping visitors from coming to your church? 

What is an incomplete website?

First, let me stay up front, a website is never “finished.” It needs to be updated regularly. And there is always more content you can add to it – more resources, more photos, more stories.

When we say the best church websites are “not incomplete,” we mean:

  • No blank pages
  • No stock images – all photos on your website are of people in your ministry or business
  • No sample text that hasn’t been customized for your organization
  • No sample videos that haven’t been replaced by your videos
  • No social media icons with broken links

Your website is often the first impression a person gets of your organization. And remember…

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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What impression do you think an incomplete website gives to your visitors? 

  • You don’t really care about your visitors.
  • You are too busy.
  • You aren’t paying attention to the details.
  • You are not competent enough to manage a website.

People are not going to come back again later to see if you’ve finished your website.

This your one shot – your one shot to make a person feel they are welcome at your church, your one shot to let a person know your ministry can help them, your one shot to let a person know your business offers the solution they are looking for.

Top Pages Recommend for a “Not Incomplete” Website. 

Again, your website is never going to be “complete.” You can always add to it. But there are some standard pages, you should have on your website at a minimum.

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Contact
  4. Plan Your Visit (Recommended for churches)

Remember, Your Homepage is Your First Impression

Think of your homepage as your “Sell It” page. It might be your only chance to reach the visitor. Your front page will determine whether they click on any of the other pages. And it might be the only page they click on. So, it is better to be redundant than to miss out.

What this means is that you might repeat the same information on your website multiple times and on multiple pages.

What every homepage must have for Church, Ministry, or Business:

  1. Name of the organization
  2. Operating hours or times of services
  3. Contact information
    1. Phone number
    2. Location address (a map is helpful but not absolutely necessary)
    3. Email address
    4. Social Media Links (People like to get to know you by viewing your social media comments and photos)
  4. Photos. Every website, whether for a business, ministry, or church should include photos showing your customers or members enjoying and benefiting from what you offer.
  5. Videos. A church should also include a sample of the service either with an audio file of the sermon or a video of the whole service. This helps visitors decide if your church is right for them.

Bonus: Plan Your Visit! If your website is for your church, encourage visitors to “Plan Your Visit“. This is a new tool that churches are utilizing to get visitors to commit to a visit, and can help your church reach more people and grow! (Check out our new Fluid theme that integrates the Plan Your Visit tools)

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Comment and Discuss…

  • What does your website say about your business, ministry, or church?
  • Would an incomplete website keep you from visiting a church?

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    • I think a Google map is essential the home page

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