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The Best Church Websites: 3) Have Contact Info in the Header or Footer

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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What could be worse than having someone interested in your church visiting your church website but not be able to figure out where it is our how to get more information?


In this post, we continue Best Church Websites Month and our blog series about the 10-Point Checklist for church websites.

The primary goal of most church websites is to have the website visitor visit a weekend worship service. A secondary goal is usually to contact the church to get any additional information needed to participate in a worship service.

Obviously, to visit the church, the website visitor needs to know the church’s address.  And to contact the church with any questions, the website visitor needs the phone number, email address or a contact form.

Some people look for this contact information at the top or bottom of the page they are on. Others look for a “Contact” link in the navigation menu. Because its important to make finding contact information as easy as possible, we recommend accommodate both.

We strongly recommend every church put their contact information in the header or footer of the website so it appears at the top or bottom of every page. We also strongly recommend every church create a “Contact” page which contains the address, phone number and either an email address or contact form.

For these reasons, all the themes available with our WP-EZ Church Website Builder include a contact page and place in the footer to add contact information.

You want people to visit and contact your church. Make it as easy as possible for people to find your contact info on your church website.

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As an added bonus, there is evidence that having the physical address where a church gathers in the header or footer of the website can help search rankings and church SEO.


  • Is your church contact info in the header or footer of your website?
  • Have you ever been on a church website, wanted to visit or contact them, but been unable to find contact info? Share the story in a comment.

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