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August is Church Website Builder Month!

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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We at OurChurch.Com are pretty excited about the WP-EZ Website Builder!  It’s already among the best church website builders available today.  With your help we want to make it even better, and we want to help you and your church use it better so you can live out your mission online.

So, we’ve declared August to be Church Website Builder Month at OurChurch.Com – to put and keep the focus throughout the month on building great church websites.  We’re doing several things this month to accomplish that.

1) Complete the Survey

Please take 5 minutes to complete this short survey.  It’s the best way for you to help us understand what’s working well and where we can improve.  Your ideas and suggestions guide our future development.

2) Church Website Builder Tips

This is more for those folks who are not using OCC’s WP-EZ website builder… If  you are thinking about building a new website for your church and trying to decide which church website builder is best for your church, check out the church website builder tips we’re sharing on social media most mornings this month.  Here’s an example of today’s tip.


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3) New Church Website Themes

We’re developing some new church website themes which WP-EZ users will have access to.  Keep an eye on your email or social media for a church website themes announcement later this month. (edit: link added 8/10/16)

4) New Church Website Features

One of the benefits of using the WP-EZ Website Builder is we regularly update your website when improved versions of your plugins are released.  We also regularly review and develop new plugins to add new functionality to WP-EZ.  We’ve got several improvements on the way, which we’ll announce later this month.  Stay tuned! (Update 8/17/16: See WP-EZ Website Builder Adds Footer Contact Info)

5) Migrate from NE1 to WP-EZ

If you are still using our old NE1 Website Builder, the best thing you could do to help your church live out its mission online is to migrate to WP-EZ.  Check out the WP-EZ Migration FAQs, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you with the migration process.

6) Connect with Us on Pintrest & Instagram

OurChurch.Com is now on Pinrest and Instagram.  Connect with us.  We would love to follow you back and see your pics and pins.

Whew!  Yeah, we’ve got a lot going on this month, all focused on providing churches with the best church website builder possible.

If you’re considering a new website for your church, OurChurch.Com can build a custom designed church website for you, or you can use our WP-EZ website builder to build your own site. WP-EZ is included in every church web hosting account we provide.

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Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.

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