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Analytics: Top Search Phrases, Posts & Wonky Keywords from September

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Howdy Christian Web Trends readers.  We turned the calendar on another month, which means it’s time to check our stats and analytics to see what we can learn from them.

Top 10 Search Phrases/Keywords

  1. what is a qr code
  2. qr code
  3. what is a webinar and how does it work
  4. what is a qr code?
  5. what is qr code
  6. elevator pitch
  7. webinar means
  8. mingle
  9. facebook for churches
  10. what is qr


  • “QR code” -related keywords still continue to dominate 6 months after our two posts about QR codes were published.
  • Phrases #3 & #7 are both related to webinars.  We’ve got a 3 1/2 year old post that ranks #4 in Google for “what is a webinar and how does it work” and #1 for “webinar means.”  Unfortunately, the bounce rate for those keywords is 99% and the average time on site is 1 minute. Action step: see if I can modify that page to better engage those visitors.
Top 10 Blog posts
  1. What is a QR Code? (and 4 other things you should know about them)
  2. How to Lead Your Facebook Page to Breakout Interaction and Momentum
  3. 4 Innovative Ways to Build a Communications Team When You Have No Staff
  4. What the Latest Facebook Changes Mean for Your Church or Non-Profit
  5. QR Codes: 10 Ways Churches Can Use Them
  6. Does Your Organization Need a Social Media Policy?
  7. 18 Ways Pastors Can Ruin their Reputation on Facebook
  8. 12 Ways to Promote Your Band and Its Website
  9. 167 Symbols to Spice Up Your Twitter and Facebook Updates ♫✞★♥☺
  10. How I added 1188 Facebook Fans to “Spread Jesus Today” in 1 Week!
  • As you can see, the QR code posts continue to have staying power. The number of visitors for both is slipping though. Action: write another post on the topic of QR codes and include links to the 2 previous posts.
  • 7 of the top 10 posts have a number in the title of the post.
  • 4 of the top 10 posts were published in Sept.
  • 2 were published in the last 2 days of August.  That got me wondering… what drove people to those posts several days after they were published? I dug a little deeper and found 67% of the Sept visits to How to Lead Your Facebook Page came from LinkedIn, where I had posted a link in some discussion groups. LinkedIn was also a significant source of visitors for Does Your Organization Need a Social Media Policy?
Wonky Keywords
  • better days // I guess a lot of people are searching for better days.
  • crying toddler // Sorry, you may have one of those at your church, but not at OurChurch
  • cute animations gif // Please, no!
  • funny things written on rocket // Whaaaa?
Have you checked your blog or website’s analytics from September?  What did you learn?  What wonky keywords did people use to find your site?

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