After Halloween, The Top 5 Pagan Holidays Ripe for a Christian Takeover

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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HalloweenAs Halloween approaches I’ve noticed a proliferation of churches doing “harvest festivals” and “trunk or treats.” Lutherans are even getting into the act with “Reformation Parties.” (Up for a game of pin the 95 Theses on the church door?  Yeah, baby!)  These are all supposedly well-intentioned attempts to give people a godly alternative to the pagan holiday of Halloween, though some would argue it’s just a way to celebrate Halloween without calling it Halloween.

Of course you’re probably aware that Christmas is not Jesus’ actual birthday either.  It was originally a pagan festival to celebrate the winter solstice.  Since the church couldn’t get pagans who converted to Christianity to give up the celebration, they co-opted it and made it a Christian holiday.

With all the success Christians have had at taking over those two holidays for the Lord (yes, that’s sarcasm), I started dreaming… what other pagan holidays could Christian co-opt and came up with…

The Top 5 Pagan Holidays Ripe for a Christian Takeover

Valentine's Day - God Is Love Day

1) Valentines Day

The pagan holiday of Valentines Day makes an idol out of romance and human love.  As Christians we need to show the world that only God’s love is worthy of celebration.  That’s why we need to replace Valentines day with God is Love Day.  We can keep the red theme and the heart-shaped balloons (just put Jesus face on them).  Even the Sweethearts Conversation candies are good because if you think about it they could apply to God too – Be Mine (Lord).  And as long as we’re going for things that could refer to God or human love, God is Love Day parties would be a great opportunity to bust out some Christian ballads – you know the ones that are about the singer’s love for God but they’ve been made to sound like they’re about a woman so they can have crossover success on secular radio stations. (e.g. Honestly by Stryper)

President's Day - King of Kings Day2) President’s Day

Scripture tells us we’re not supposed to bow down to any earthly rulers.  Everyone knows that from the story about those 3 guys that got thrown in the fiery furnace, right?  So, President’s Day is definitely out.  What could replace it?  How about King of Kings Day?  Maybe we could even sculpt a huge monument like Mount Rushmore, but put the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit on it.  There’s real tourism/gift shop potential there.






Great Smokeout - Burning Bush Day3) The Great Smoke Out

To the theological novice The Great Smoke Out may seem like a good holiday, after all, smoking destroys the temple of the Holy Spirit (to the heathens out there I’m referring to your body).  But all this focus health and living a long life is just another idol.  Our earthly bodies are irrelevant.  Let’s put the focus on something more spiritual by ignoring The Great Smoke Out and celebrating Burning Bush Day instead.  Instead of lighting up a cigarette, we can light up our yard waste and recount the stories of Moses and the Israelites around the fire.  (This has the added benefit of acting like a prescribed burn so it would help prevent large forest fires).  Hard core churches could re-enact the crossing of the Red Sea and even the 10 plagues.



Our Father's Day4) Fathers Day

This is an easy target because nobody really likes to celebrate this Hallmark-created holiday anyway.  Dads be honest, do you really want to unwrap another necktie?  Wouldn’t you rather put your feet up and watch the final round of the U.S. Open in your man cave?  The fact that Father’s Day is always on a Sunday makes it an easy target too, because people are already at church.  We just need to start referring to it as “Our Fathers Day” to put the focus on God.  The theme of course would be the Lord’s Prayer (to the heathens reading this, that’s because the Lord’s Prayer starts with “Our Father, who art in heaven…”).  This has great revenue potential, because Lord’s Prayer merchandise is some of the most popular in the Christian market.  This is a great opportunity to take money out of the hands of the greedy corporate greeting card companies, and put it into the hands of the Christian bookstore shareholders.

Arbor Day - Cross Day5) Arbor Day

A day celebrating trees clearly puts us on a slippery slope towards Gaia, the pagan worship of “Mother Earth.”   So, let’s establish Cross Day on the same day.  After all, scripture refers to Jesus being hung on a tree.  Churches that want to stay “culturally relevant” can still plant trees with the understanding that when they grow up they will get cut down to make crosses.  Hard core churches can just plant crosses in people’s front yards, though they might want to avoid celebrating Burning Bush Day on the same day.

Once these Christian holidays start to gain in popularity, we will be on our way to taking back our holidays and our country for God!

Which one do you want to start with? What other holidays could we take over?

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About the author

Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


  • You made some good points. At Memory Cross we have created fun tracts for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s day. I’m excited when there are natural opportunities for the Church to reach out to the community.

  • I would rather give kids a safe and fun environment on Halloween night than have them tromping up and down the streets. We will have over 3000 people walk through these facilities on this night and most of them are unchurched. What a great opportunity to shove it in the devil’s face!

  • Brother I really appreciated your article! I have been teaching for years that of all holidays, halloween is the most difficult to transform into Christian. Our family doesn’t participate at all,and we will never have a Hallelujah Party in October, any other month cool not october.

    • first of all the day before hallowee nis truly all saints' day so get your stoy straight and let you all who have not dinned cast the first stone the article writer is judging jesuse birthday isn't on our calendars because their claendar was different i was 16 months in a yr if you look at hebrew and second you who attend on sunday are not celebrating the sabbath as in jesus time the week started on sundaya nd ended on saturday he rested o nsaturday that is the true sabbath and she is assuming things says judge not less ye be judge and how can you or blog writer get the splinter out of others eyes when you can't even see the log in your own eye i supossed you don't do santa either that is an idol and you don't smoke as the body is a temple rather human or sprituila you show your ignorance i found this site by accident and once i post a comment i never come back to site so will never see reply to my reply lol

  • I like the warning about being careful to not burn the cross 🙂 God Bless all of you. Let us humble seek God will, and be a champion for Him.

  • There is absolutely no difference between a Christian harvest party at Church and going trick or treat with a devil’s mask on. You cannot Christianize a work of the devil. Why do Christians copy the things of the world? The Bible says we are to abstain from the APPEARANCE of evil and not to be conformed to the world. God says that the practice of witchcraft is an abomination to HIM. Now days you cannot tell the difference between a Christian and a lost person who hates God. We should be spending time in prayer and evangelism during these times. Lord Jesus Christ send us true revival.

  • I Am all for Freedom of speech, and certainly everyone has the right to their on opinion.Im not sure if im misunderstanding what you are trying to get across but frankly i am offened by this article. this does not seem to be the place for these types of comments.To me it sounds like you are making a mockery out all that the Lord stands for. This site is the host site for our church website.If i knew that this site was an anything goes type of site. I would not have used this site. Signed a concerned Methodist (May the Lord Bless your soul)

  • I think we all have our sights on what the world is doing, and so we either 1) find a way to Christianize it or 2) spend a lot of time with our noses in the air thinking about how “holy” we all are to NOT celebrate these pagan holidays. Maybe it’s time we just spend EVERY day as a celebration of Christ and quit worrying about what the world does.

  • Susannah: very good points. Thanks for your comments. Jesus commands us to reach out in love to people around us. As far as the trunk or treat parties I think those are good opportunities for us to reach out. A couple hundred years ago Puritans refused to celebrate Christmas because it was a Pagan holiday, but eventually it became accepted (well accept now it might be a commercial holiday) but it is still a good time to invite friends and family to church.

  • I agree with some of the points you made Paul. It is true that these holidays should all be based on the Lord and not on wordly believes, but I also agree with what Susannah says. Why even give credit to these holidays. Instead, we should worry about celebrating each day based on the fact that our Lord is risen. No other celebration could have more joy in it than this one. However, your ideas in transforming the world’s holidays into something else are in fact a great opportunity to show the world the love of God. It’s our job after all, the rest, God will do.
    Thanks for the article, very good indeed.
    God bless you

  • The Bible says in Hosea 4:6 My people perish for lack of knowledge – how will anyone learn if they are not taught and each one of us become accountable for the knowledge we learn. God gives us free will to choose – choose this day whom you will serve, choose life or death. Each christian should be about nothing but the Great Commision – Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind – that is written in Matthew 22:37 – So if we love him with all our heart,soul and mind then its not a problem sustaining from pagan holiday celebrations etc. to be sold out for Christ and not walk the fence any more. Jeremiah 10:2 – The lord said learn not the ways of the heathen –
    I encourage everyone to check this out, a teaching on the American Occultic Holidays: and type in the search box American Occultic Holidays, this teaching is by a now born again Holy Spirit filled man whom God delivered out of the Illumanti Occult, Doc Marquis. Let the Holy Spirit prick your hearts as you gain knowledge.

    God Bless each and everyone here

    • i found this site by accident and once i post a comment i never come back to site so will never see reply to my reply lol and once saved always saved if could lose salvation god dying on cross was pointless but it waaasn't cause once saved always saved but yes you can get farther from hand of god if go back to old ways but he will deal with you and draw you back as we are being worked nad molded more and more and if not right in his eyes he breaks it down and starts over until we are what he wants us t obe in his sight

  • Although I agree with some of what you are saying, i also think you seem to be CREATING idols. Dedicating a day to celebrate love (Valentines day) is certainly not making an idol out of fleshy worldly love. love means something different to everyone, and love to a Christian is AGAPE love. real God kind of love. The word says the husband is to love his wife as Christ loves His church. so whats wrong with us celebrating that commandment in a big way? And fathers day, is a wonderful time in our household. I strongly believe in honoring the men in my life and my father, grandfather and husband all very much enjoy a day of appreciation and honor. its not making them idols, its showing honour where honour is due, which is scriptural. and although we should honour someone every day, i see no problem with setting aside a special day. the Lord has a special day. the Sabbath. Does that make the sabbath an idol? no. but hey thats just my opinion. i guess we cant all agree on everything

  • I hope you all realize this post was satire. I don’t advocate trying to eliminate existing holidays or trying to Christianize more holidays.

    I wrote it to get people thinking about whether we as Christians are really honoring God with our alternative celebrations or are we putting on “world-lite” events. Are we taking the things of this world and sanding off the “dangerous” edges, so don’t miss out on what the world is doing but we do those things in the “safety” of the church grounds?

  • As much as I appreciate using other ways to celebrate, things like a harvest celebration. we must be wise to not copy the world. That being said, we must reach people where they are . Jesus did. Relax a bit, realize God is in control and just love the lost, and give them the Gospel!! Dr Joe Milligan- Upper Room Ministries, Gathering of Friends Fellowship

  • Thanks Paul for the challenge to be the light and THE SALT. Many christian want to be the light, because Jesus is the light. However, many christian’s have a hard time being SALT. The Bible says that IF we have lost our savor, what good are we but to be thrown down and walked upon. Today we are being walked upon because we follow the world instead of following the CREATER and allowing Him to give us new and creative ways to reach the world. Remember the deciever duplicates CHRIST!

  • Interesting posts. I have but one question. Our mission on earth is to turn sinners from evil and make them Christians (followers of Christ). This being said, if we can make Christians out of sinners, why couldn’t we make Christian holidays out of the sinner’s holidays? God said that faith can move mountains and, that being said, faith can also make thge pagan holidays holy.

  • I am amazed that so many people took this seriously, or were even offended by it.
    Did you not realise that it was satirical? Humor is an excellent way to get people thinking. Jesus definitely had a sense of humor, and used analogies, humor and hyperbole in his preaching. Hallowe’en was a mainly forgotten pagan festival based on a misinterpretation of All Hallow’s day, or All Saint’s day, which is November 1st. In its present form Halloween was invented by the American Candy Manufacturers Association in the 1930s to stimulate an extra selling day opposite Valentine’s day and Easter.
    The supposed association with witches is the least of our worries. Would we celebrate a day when we give children cigarettes? Yet unhealthy eating is about to overtake smoking as the leading cause of death in this country. Doctors estimate that over the next five years 1 in 3 children will develop ADULT Diabetes, a condition unheard of ten years ago! In addition the concept of threatening people unless they give you candy (and in some communities the police have to be out in force to prevent that from happening) is not a behavior we should be teaching. People will say,”Oh, we’re only joking, Its just a bit of fun ” but thats the excuse used by racists, sexists and bullies.
    The answer is simple. the church should be celebrating All Hallow’s Day, sometimes called All Saint’s day. Thats the actual holiday! Most children (even Christians) don’t know the word Hallowe’en means All Hallow’s Eve. Teach that. And when people ask me about Halloween, I say “I don’t celebrate Halloween”, and if they insist they have the right to say we can’t celebrate Christian holidays in schools or in our town, then I have the right not to celebrate Halloween. Realise also its an American invented secular holiday which is an oxymoron. Holiday means Holy day. I grew up in England. We don’t celebrate Halloween. Nor do most other countries. Its as American as sugary candy, Hollywood, violence,religion for the non-religious, and exploiting children, all of which are synonymous with “Halloween”.

  • I just wanted to pass along this. Memory Cross estimates that between 100,000 and 300,000 people received the plan of salvation “What could be better than free candy” this Halloween. The copy goes onto say that God gave us the greatest gift this Halloween. The offer of eternal life. It then sent them to for more information. Pray that the Word takes root in people’s lives. Our number of 100m to 300m depended on how many family members besides the trick or treater read the card.

  • I found your comments deeply disgusting.
    I think most of the people are so envolved with the world and its habits (even bring them today to inside our churches) that do not realize that we must show extreme respect when talking about the Lord (Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows”.
    The picture used in the article is grotesque, an abomination.
    I agree with Mr. William Marco comments!

  • We do not tell God how we are going to evangelize! God tells us how we are to live and that is following the example of Jesus. Jesus Christ was Holy in all manner of life and never participated in any thing that was evil. He did not go into a person’s home where they were having a satanic ritual. Jesus said that He came to fulfill all righteous of the law and never ate anything that was not kosher. When Jesus went into a gentiles home He still ate according to God’s Holy Word and He did not participate in anything that was evil. The pagan’s had evil holidays back then but Jesus never participated in them. It is not alright to pass out candy and a tract or have a copy celebration like a harvest festival at your church and call it evangelism. This is absolutely against God. We are to live by all of the scriptures and abstain from all appearance of evil. This satanic holiday is what is being celebrated and anyone who calls it a Holy Day does not love God. Halloween has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and the church should repent of their sins. May God reward you according to your works.

    • There are some people who do not share your conviction. Does this make them less of a Christian or not even a Christian at all?

  • Bill, Bill…and others who have felt compelled to write in the same vein…
    Did you not get it?
    The author of this piece agrees with you. He is disturbed that Christians are having a
    “Fall Festival” and calling it Halloween. By humorously suggesting other pagan festivals that we could “Christianize’ he is making that very point. Why stop at Halloween?
    Its funny, I laughed, and it makes people who are trying to offer a “Christian halloween” look foolish.
    I agreed with him. My point was that we should not be trying to join the world, we should be celebrating the real holiday, All Saint’s Day, which is celebrated in Europe, but rarely mentioned here.

  • I believe that we need to get back to the basics. What did Jesus do? He celebrated the Holy days that HE appointed.

    “And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: ‘The feasts of the LORD, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts.” (Lev 23:1-2)

    HE did not celebrate all saints day, Easter, Christmas, or any of the other holidays that we as American “Christians” celebrate. He celebrated the seven Biblical feast days and the Sabbath. He even went to the Temple for the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) John 10:22-33

    The Holy days are beautiful and are worth every effort on our part to learn more about them. They draw us closer to who HE is and what HE has done for us.

    Have a blessed Day!

  • Mike, Yes I do celebrate Christmas just not the commercial side of it. I go to Church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. i am sure that many people also so do that.For me i am trying to put Christ back into Christmas. Iam a single person, so i devote my life to the Lord. I have been given 2 gifts, 1 being the gift of life.2 being Salvation.
    It is not how much you spend on presents for one another. The Lord gives me nothing that i want but gives me all that need. My prayers have been answered.

      • We all know that Christ was not born on December 25, but as a friend once told me, He WAS born, so if we choose a day to celebrate His birth, that's okay with me. I'm very knowledgeable about the pagan origins of Christmas, and what Constantine did to try to unite the people under God. But the Word says in Romans 14:5
        "One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind." There is no condemnation for celebrating on December 25th if you are not condemned within. In Christ there is no condemnation. We have freedom in the Holy Spirit, because "where the Spirit is, there is freedom."

  • William,
    I think the point Mike was trying to make was that we took over a Pagan festival and called it Christmas because we don’t actually know exactly when Jesus was born. however, we had a purpose in doing so. There is no purpose in us taking over Halloween. We have nothing on that date we want to celebrate…except, as I have said, the next day All Saint’s Day, which is the real Holiday, or Holy Day, and we don’t need to take it over-its already ours and celebrates the wonderful news that for us Death is not the end! We are all Saints and we celebrate the Saints who have preceeded us!

  • Dear Paul:

    I “got” what you were trying to do with blog. I took as tongue-in-cheek” but also as food for thought.

    I have to admit, however, that I also appreciate what I think are valid points about “Christianizing” Halloween. After all a rose is still a rose.

    At the end of the day, we are called to “spread the gospel.” To that end, I do feel it is important to meet people where they are. A good book to read is “Pagan Christianity.” Sheds light on a lot of things.

  • That pic of “Jesus” is paramount to blasphemy. The sort of pic that I would expect a mocker of Christianity to post and sneer over. I didn’t appreciate it landing in my inbox.

    Maybe it’s time for you to have a break.

  • Cilla, thanks for your comment. If you consider the image of Jesus handing out candy to be “paramount to blasphemy” what do you think about the Bride of Christ handing out candy on Halloween?

  • Paul,

    That image is disgusting. I’m surprised you haven’t received more complaints and I’m saddened to see it is still there.

    When children call at my door I cannot see how I am dishonouring the Lord by giving them sweets or a few pennies. I normally find a pencil or rubber bearing a bible verse, or children’s tract as well to go in their tin or whatever they are carrying. It is harmless fun to them. They are not out to be evil or use black magic. Didn’t the Lord Jesus say in Mark 10 “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them,”…..

    I cannot see how a Christian can be accused of celebrating Hallowe’en by being friendly to children. But I can see how Jesus would be grieved to see that picture.


  • I agree with Mr. Steinbruecks concern. I avoid pagan holidays incorporated by the early church as much as possible. I understand our need to witness to people in the world they live in with care not to become a part of it ourselves. If I understand correctly there was a debate among early Lutherans and Calvinists during the Reformation as to whether we are to reject traditions that are not specifically commanded in Scripture or only to reject that which is specifically contrary to Scripture. Although I would generally side with the Puritan point of view I must also consider
    Romans 14:5
    One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind.

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  • Love the reminder not to celebrate Arbor Day the same day as Burning Bush Day! LOL

    Actually, isn't Valentine's Day, SAINT Valentine? Technically we could easily take that one over!

    My kids are 21 and 17 and we always did Hallelujah Night at church. (2500 member congregation, so it worked well. Played games, got candy, won prizes, altar call.) When they got older and we switched them from Christian school to public school they ended up trick-or-treating for a few years. Honestly, to do it over, I would not have 'freaked' out as much as I did about the holiday. I absolutely hate Halloween, but really, I don't think we needed to be as strict as we were. They understood the origin of it and were strong in their faith in Jesus and enjoyed time with their friends.

    Now we hand out candy at the door and the little kids in their costumes are adorable…or at least creative!

    Great post! 🙂

  • After reading all the posts on this topic of Halloween, I have to first off, commend those few who are sticking to the truth, despite those who disagree, and am praying for those who are standing in the gap, and taking up their cross to follow the truth of Jesus Christ.

    I am coming from a life of huge idolatry, Halloween celebrations, and so much more, and have separated myself from several churches who on the outside look very Godly, and Holy, but in reality were going along with most of the apostate churches around the world.

    I followed the opinions of men, and women, over the pure truth of scripture, and wondered why I was so confused all the time, and wishy washy over the truth.

    Surely, the pastors were correct! Or my good friends were correct, but this wasn’t so.

    Yes we must separate from the masses in this apostate world, and seek the truth apart from the opinions of men.

    Those who stand for the pure truth of the Gospel will not be popular as Jesus has told us many times, that if they hated me they will hate you also.

    And when we stand for the truth, about the evils of Halloween, and the pagan holidays such as Xmas, and Easter, and take a stand against them, we will be mocked, and even hated, and the reason I say this is because it is happening to me.

    The more I draw closer to Christ, and His truth, the more distant I feel in the world, and as true believers we should hate that which is evil, and expose it, and bring it into the light, where it can be seen for what it really is, a lie of satan to deceive the world and the elect, which is the church.

    I live a quiet life, alone now, as most so called Christians disagree with the truth as I present it,and see nothing wrong with celebrating Halloween in a safe manner by calling it by a Christian theme, but I see no way we can take what is dark and call it light.

    Bottom line on this is that we as true believers are called to be SEPERATE FROM THE WORLD, TO BE HOLY, AND PURE, in a very dark and perverse world!

    We must rightly divide the word of God, and seek to emulate Christ in all we do, as a lost and dying world is watching us.

    I am learning so much every day, and the LORD has been so very patient and long suffering with me, and all my failures.

    I encourage all of you to abstain from all forms of evil, and know that which man highly esteems is an abomination to our Lord, so we must come out from the world, and its pagan holidays, and stop offending our creator, and learn to follow Him alone in humble obedience, not out of works or earning His love, but out of our love, for Him and what He did for us on the cross.

    This Halloween I was at home, praying for the world, and praying against the evil night, which no Christian who is truly following Jesus Christ in spirit and truth should have anything to do with it.

    I don’t expect to be popular, especially when I stand AGAINST all that the Lord calls an abomination in His site.

    My life was filled with many abominations, and the more I read His truth, and believe me, my free time is dedicated to this, plus sharing the Gospel of John, and Christ with the lost where the Lord leads.

    May our Lord and savior be praised forever and ever, and may we be separated unto Him, by following Him, and Him alone apart from the worlds celebrations, parties, and liberal practices, and remember WE are not of this world, we and OF the kingdom of God, just passing through on our way to glory and peace, and eternity with our creator and Lord!

    So we must put aside that which the world highly esteems, and all its evil traditions, and be a separate and peculiar people.

    I am praying for you all that are standing in the gap, and walking the narrow path that leads to life, I am praying to meet a few who would accept me as their brother, as we serve our Lord in spirit and truth.

    May the love of Christ fill you completely.

    Love in Christ,


  • I totally got the satire. Great job! I think many Christians get TOO wrapped up in worrying about what other Christians are doing and it's nothing but wasted time. Time that could have been spent loving on the lost. We are told to be a LIGHT in this world. If you close your door and bury your head in the sand on certain "holidays" you think are "evil" then where is the light going to shine from? I live where it rains most of the year. Giving people a SAFE, dry, fun place to come on Halloween is awesome. It gets folks in the door who might not otherwise come. I have seen folks amazed at how loving our church is and they come back on Sunday. We have two friends who accepted Christ as teens because of a bible track they got on Halloween. God can redeem anything and anyone. Don't be so close minded that you cannot see the lost and be where they will actually SEE your light.

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

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