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Pastor Adam Weber shared a super awesome yet amazingly simple idea that created tremendous engagement on his church’s Facebook page!

Chances are you’ve been to or at least heard of churches who have live nativities around Christmas or a live donkey for Palm Sunday. They are not new ideas.

Adam and his church asked themselves…

What could make the experience really special? Was there a way to use it as an outreach opportunity?

In a Leadership Network blog post he explains:

The day came and as people walked up to church, we had Buddy the Donkey in front of a simple backdrop of straw bales, and a professional photographer (who’s one of the most outgoing people I know) ready with her camera. It was a clear win for everyone—kids got to pet the donkey, and parents got a cute picture. We explained that we’d upload all of the pictures to our Facebook page immediately after the services and encouraged people to tag themselves.

The feedback we got from kids, moms, dads and grandparents was truly wonderful. Buddy was a complete hit! But what happened later that day on Facebook was like nothing we’d ever seen before. We had 20,000+ hits in a matter of a day and a frenzy of shares, tags, likes and comments.

Countless faces joined us the following Sunday for Easter (and beyond), simply because they had seen pictures of their friends’ kids, siblings’ kids, and everyone else’s kids on Facebook.

How awesome is that?!?

Read the full post here and give Adam and his church props in a comment for the innovative way they created engagement on their Facebook page.

What other ways could churches create engagement and do outreach using Facebook?

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