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7 Things You Need to Know About the NE1 to WP-EZ Migration

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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website-migrationThe migration of websites from our old NE1 Website Builder into our new WP-EZ Website Builder is progressing nicely.  We’ve rolled out the migration tool to more sites, addressed some newly discovered issues and set a deadline for free sites to migrate.

7 Things You Need to Know About the NE1 to WP-EZ Migration

1) WP-EZ on a Silver Platter. May 4 we made the migration tool available to sites with our Silver Web Hosting package.  Now free, Gold and Silver sites can migrate. Login to MyOCC, click the Website Builder link in the menu and click “Migrate” to get started.

2) Bronze coming soon. If you have the Bronze package, we will probably make the migration tool available to you next week.

3) On May 19, we will begin the mandatory migration of free sites.  If you have a free site, please migrate your site from NE1 to WP-EZ by May 18.  If we have to migrate your website for you, you will miss out on the opportunity to edit your WP-EZ site before it goes live. If you would like more time to migrate, upgrade your site to Gold, Silver or Bronze.

4) The WP-EZ Migration FAQs page has been updated with new information and answers to more questions.

5) Database Issue. The most common issue people run into when migrating their sites is a database issue. This happens when the password for the hosting account has been changed and no longer matches the password we have on file.  The migration tool can’t create the WP-EZ website without the right password. If you see this error message, the migration tool emails our help desk, our support team updates the password, and then we email you to let you know you can proceed with the migration.

6) We are looking for feedback & migrated sites to share.  If you have migrated your NE1 site to WP-EZ, post a comment or email us and let us know how it went and what you think of WP-EZ.  We may include your site and quote in a future blog post  and send some extra visitors your way.

rowleysfertilizationI built a site in WZ-EZ and it was EZ. I called with a question and got it solved instantly like always. -Gerald Overall for RowleysFertilization.com

7) WP-EZ is available for everyone!  This migration info only relates to organizations that have a website built with our old NE1 website builder. If you want to build a brand new site with WP-EZ, you can do that any time. Just click here, select your hosting package, and you’re on your way.

What are your thoughts and questions about the migration so far?  Post a comment and let us know

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About the author

Paul Steinbrueck

Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


  • Migration was great!…. went smoothly. Had to redo some things. The video tutorials are very informative & helpful, you guys must have put in many, many hours into the migration process.

  • Migration has went smoothly so far, took some time to figure out were everything was located. Still running in draft mode as of now. The only issues I'm having is to get my audio to play on IE 11, audio plays fine in Chrome, the other is adding a Google Map.

    • Dale, thanks for the feedback. I looked at the May 2016 sermons page and all the sermons played in IE11 for me. Can you tell what page(s) and what sermon(s) are not playing in IE11 for you?

      To add a Google Map, go to Google Maps and find the location, click the "Share" option, click the "Embed" option, then highlight the embed code and hit control-c to copy. Go to your WP-EZ dashboard, click "pages" and click on the page you wish to edit. In the page editor, click the "Text" option on the top right, place your cursor in the bod of the page, and hit control-v to paste the embed code into the page. Then save the page.

      • Paul, I got the Map to work with Google & with the built in option also. You were on the right page, 3 of those files were imported and 2 is what I've added on the editor. I'm still not able to play these on the PC that i'm editing on but it could just be this PC, I may be missing an add-on or something. I will go ahead and go live and see what happens. Thanks for your help and i will keep you posted.

  • Paul, my migration has been a disastrous one from the beginning! I followed all of the migration instructions to a "T" in including choosing a theme. All that I have accomplished is a plain white theme. I have followed the supplied WP link back to the NE1 to change my theme several times with the same results. The WP page editor doesn't seem to work either. I have been wasting my time with only with my home page. It has all of NE1 page links dimmed out and will not let me Cut or Delete. I finally at my witts end deleted my migrated Home Page and created a new home page in the WP page editor and it still has my old NE1 page links dimmed out even with my original deleted out. I sent in a trouble ticket and your Debbie changed our logo from ALLEYS UMC to a more personal symbol of my flame and logo. I have tried using both my Microsoft Web Browser and my Chrome browser and I get the same results!
    Debbie S.

    • Kenneth/Debbie, sorry to hear of the difficulty you're experiencing. I see you have submitted some help desk tickets. Our support team will address the issues and respond as soon as possible.

  • Paul, I am a bronze customer. Last week there was a button to migrate to WPEZ so I pushed button. Migration went through alright, I selected a theme but all I get when I view draft site is a white background, all menus and sub menus migrated ok.

    What happened to all the template themes that were available under NEI.

    Did I migrate to Soon?

    • Hi Jeff, it looks like the migration tool worked as it was supposed to. The theme you selected is simple – black text on a white background.

      NE1 themes are not compatible with WP-EZ, so when migrating a new theme has to be selected. Additionally, a lot has changed in web design in the last few years which is why WP-EZ themes are different than NE1 themes. One of the things that's changed is that because of explosion of mobile, themes are simpler with fewer images and images are used more prominently in the content. I wrote more in depth about this in last week's blog post – https://blog.ourchurch.com/2016/05/11/4-trends-in-

      In your case, there's a big contrast as you have one of the most colorful NE1 themes and migrated to one of the least colorful WP-EZ themes. 🙂 I encourage you to add images to your site (especially the homepage) and you can try switching themes if you like too.

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