7 Most Useful Tools For Effective Church Blogging

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As a church blogger there are several powerful tools online you need to be taking advantage of for effective blogging. From content research and creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Outreach, to Blog Analysis, there are powerful tools that can help you with greater results. In this particular article, we will be going through the list of 7 of these tools I believe to be the most useful tools for effective church blogging.

7 Most Useful Tools For Effective Church Blogging

Listed below are the 7 tools I consider to be the most useful tools for effective church blogging:

  1. Popup Maker: WP Popup Maker is a wordpress plugin for creating popups and content overlays which are very useful for effectively collecting your blog visitors’ contact information for further follow ups or outreach. With WP Popup maker you can control how and when your visitors see your popups or overlays.
  2. Grammerly: For effective blogging, your blog contents, especially your text contents have to be as error free as possible. And this is where Grammerly becomes very useful for your Church blogging. Grammerly helps you avoid as much grammatical and spelling errors in your blog posts as possible. If you blog with WordPress, Grammerly has a WP plugin for integrating with WordPress editor.
  3. Yoast S.E.O: The success of any blog, including church blogs depends a great deal on effective search engine optimization tactics. The very popular and useful WP Yoast S.E.O Plugin helps you ensure your blog posts are as search engine optimized as possible before you publish. The Yoast S.E.O plugin helps you make your blog post as search engine friendly as possible from a very easy to understand user interface that does not require any technical knowledge at all.
  4. is a free keyword research tool that uses the Google Autocomplete feature for giving multiple longtail keyword suggestion. Apart from keyword research from Google, also helps you research a keyword across the most popular websites internet users use for their information search.
  5. Updraftplus: While you are researching and creating great blogposts for your church blog, you also need to always have security in mind. WP Updraftplus plugin helps you to easily backup your entire blog by just clicking some buttons from an intuitive user interface. And it becomes very useful if your blog is compromised for any reason or you want to migrate your WP blog to another hosting platform.
  6. Mailchimp: Having gathered contact info from your blog audience, the very next thing you need to be doing often for your blogging success is to be reaching out to your audience through their emails. When you make a new blogpost or you have anything to send across to your blog audience, you need an email service provider like Mailchimp. Mailchimp allows you send free 10,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers per month.
  7. Google Analytics: You use the popular Google Analytics tool for analyzing your blog audience and traffic. This will help you blog more effectively.

Using the right tools can help you achieve better results with your church blog.

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Now over to you, do you know some other useful tools for effective church blogging? Share them with us at the comment section below.



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