6 Resources for Church Websites to Stimulate Bible Study

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This is a guest post by Jim Thorne. Read more about how you can guest post on Christian Web Trends here.

Every local church attracts eager tech-savvy young people who will respond to the idea of not only reading the Bible on their iPhones and other devices but can be challenged to increase their Biblical knowledge by reading/studying the Bible online. Your church website can provide these young people and others in your church with resources to stimulate such Bible study activity.

You can try out the following links and insert them into your Resources page. You will find people thankful for the benefits each source provides.

  1. About the Bible –  This is a good place to find an introduction to Genesis and Exodus with lots of links. The study on Psalm 51 is good. I notice that there are some Bible character studies offered. It is a good place to start.
  2. Free Inductive Bible Study Lessons – Word studies and Bible character studies abound with pithy bits of information. A side bar offering on Christian Worldviews is especially attractive. This site will keep your attention for some time.
  3. God-Centered Discipleship  – Especially targeted to college age students, this site provides some helpful Biblical counseling as well as Bible studies. There are some posts on missional and theological subjects that are interesting.
  4. Petes Blog – Pete has a compelling website. I especially like the post he has “There are no contradictions in the Bible”. Especially appropriate for young people is his contribution –“on young people leaving their faith behind (and doing something about it)”
  5. Essential Bible Blog – I like the article “Top 10 Reasons the Bible is True”. There’s even a free e-book offered. Another post among the offerings is “Top 10 Urban Myths about the Bible”. An article appears with the challenging idea of reading the Bible through in a year.
  6. Blue Letter Bible – A potpourri site by Timothy Paul Evans sporting his interests as a pastor/teacher with posts and articles, even a video, about the Bible for the person interested in contemporary Christian ideas.

Your church website can provide an exciting resource to young people who want to study the Bible. Use it for all it’s worth. People will respond if you give them enough reasons to look. You can even announce the features available from the Pulpit. The studies and articles in these sources will enrich your own people as they pursue their Bible study.

Which resource do you like the best? Your answer will add luster to my next post!

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About the author

Jim Thorne

Jim Thorne is a writer after years serving the Lord as a missionary, pastor and college teacher. His Exploring the Bible is the website he uses to provide intriguing and relevant truth from the Bible. He is a Certified Online Instructor and holds Graduate Guest Blogger certification.


  • Jim, thanks for writing this post. Like you said, there are lots of great Bible study resources online. We have a great opportunity to help people study God’s work and know Him better by linking to great resources on our church websites. I’m just checking all these sites out for the first time, so I don’t have a favorite yet.

    • Paul, I don’t know how else to ask so I’ll try this spot – CWT guidelines say “If an article is not approved, the author is welcome to publish it elsewhere.” How does this work if I want to distribute? I am writing an ebook and would like to use this post as part of that ebook. How do I credit CWT?

    • I’m gratified that I gave you some ideas. Keep looking in my direction – I have additional ideas that I will share on CWT.

  • John,
    Good to know that you have some ideas about Bible book to know. Someone suggested that I choose a single Bible book when I was younger. I am still a student of that book. The Word of God never gets old!

  • Hi Jim
    thanks a lot for this valuable informative post.get a better idea about Bible from this post. I hope it will help more people to know about bible.Again thanks for this helpful post

    • Somnath,
      Thanks for the encouragement. Bible study is one of my passions. If I can help you along that journey, I am pleased. Are you studying a particular book of the Bible now? My comments many be helpful.

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