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I’m continuing to tinker with the Christian Web Trends blog in an attempt to build a stronger, more interactive community and facilitate better discussion on ministry/technology issues.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about 7 Steps Towards a More Interactive Blog, which I took with CWT and recommend to you if you blog.

Here are 4 more interactive blogging tips – things I’ve added to enhance your experience on this blog and would encourage you to add to your own blog.

1) Catch fire with FeedBurner.  FeedBurner is a free syndication service that helps you supercharge the RSS feed for your blog.  By running your RSS feed through FeedBurner, it can provide you with valuable statistics about the number of RSS subscribers your blog has and the number of clicks from the RSS feed to each article.  It also helps your readers subscribe to your RSS feed by providing links to web-based RSS feed readers.

Do you think these 4 additions plus the 7 previous improvements will help make the CWT blog more interactive?

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2) Join the MyBlogLog community.  MyBlogLog is another free service that can provide valuable stats as well as build community.  If you add sign up for an account and add a little snippet of code to your blog, MyBlogLog can tell you the top 10 most read articles, top 10 sites that readers came from, and the top 10 links readers of your articles clicked to for each of the last 7 days.   MyBlogLog also has some cool, interactive widgets you can add to your blog and helps you connect with other bloggers that have similar interests.

3) Poll Position.  I installed a nice little WordPress opinion poll plug-in.  Everyone’s got an opinion and most people like to share theirs.  This plug-in is great because it allows you to embed the poll right in the article.  Why not take 2 seconds to answer our first poll question?

4) Email Makeover.  Since most of you subscribe to Christian Web Trends by email (despite my attempts to convince you switch to an RSS reader 😉 ), I decided to give the email notification an HTML makeover.  It will be interesting to see if more people read the articles because the email has color and graphics.

If you’re interested in more blogging tips, check out The Top 12 Blogging Tips of All Time! 

So, what do you think of the changes?  Do you think they’ll help make our blog more interactive?  Got any suggestions that would help develop even better discussion?

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