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3D Christmas Services: Gimmicky or Culturally Relevant?

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3d Christmas ServiceFellowship Church in Dallas made headlines this past weekend by doing a 3D Christmas. Each attendee was given a pair of 3D glasses. According to new reports there were 3 three minute 3D videos that were part of the service.

According to Fellowship’s senior pastor, Ed Young Jr. they learned that the Church by the Glades in Coral Springs, Fla., would be using 3-D for Christmas services this year, and decided Fellowship should follow suit.

Church by the Glades’ announcement of their 3D Christmas was written up by Mashable.

3D is a hot trend right now. A ton of 3D movies are being made, 3D TVs are in the works, and the 3D web might not be far behind. So, you could make the case that Fellowship and Church by the Glades are capitalizing on a hot trend.

On the other hand, you might thing this 3D stuff is kind of gimmicky. After all, unless you’re attending an Internet church or a video venue, every Christmas service is 3D, right?

What do you think about 3D Christmas services? Culturally relevant or gimmicky? Vote in the poll to the right & express your opinion with a comment.

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  • It's not only a gimmick, but it's also a joke that cheapens the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every time a church tries to be as hip and cool as the secular world to pull nonbelievers away from it and hopefully get saved, something always gets lost in the translation and it always comes across as second-rate. Only a few years ago high-definition TV was the must-have thing to do, but HD is now commonplace since the US transition to digital broadcasting in 2009.

    Personally, I have noticed that the evangelical church in general has been trying to be hip and cool to teenagers and college students ever since the Jesus Movement of the 1970's, which started at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California. That was the natural result of young people responding to the simple message of the gospel as taught book by book through the Bible, and their desire to worship the Lord in their own heart language. It was not manufactured or created by a focus group, it naturally occured as the Holy Spirit moved in the kids' hearts. 40 years later, that is still how Calvary Chapel operates, and the kids still come.

    If churches were more focused on preaching Christ and Him crucified, and not relying on secular theatrical special effects, fads or even putting a relativistic spin on the Bible as the emergent churches are doing, the same thing that has been happening at Calvary Chapel can be replicated at other congregations regardless of denomination.

  • All churches are different, as each individual is unique. We need to be careful how we judge others. God loves His 3 D children, His traditional children and everybody in between. Why? because we are all covered under the blood of Jesus Christ. However you display your love for Jesus Christ in your church is your choice. We were not made as cookie cutter people when God created us. Not even identical twins are exactly the same. We must learn to embrace our differences in the Body Of Christ, and not expect everyone to look like us, praise like us, worship like us, and love like us. We are one Body with many Members. If souls are being saved and lives are being changed due to the anointed power of the Holy Spirit, I celebrate your creativity in sharing Jesus Christ with the lost, and discipling believers. Jesus Himself, related to what what going on during His lifetime to teach Biblical principles. He walked on water, turned water into wine, healed blindness with spit, and spoke in parables to deliver His message. He was traditional and creative. He flowed in the Spirit in whatever gift God ordained. Let us model His Spirit of love when we reach out to others in our own unique way.

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