31DBBB Project Inspires @ProBlogger Post & Other Group Projects

31 Days to Build a Better Blog group projectEarlier this week we completed the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog group blogging project.  Yesterday, I wrote a post about the results and benefits experienced by the bloggers who participated.  Darren Rowse, who wrote the 31DBBB e-book, wrote about our project in a post on his blog today:

Become the Blogging Expert in Your Own Niche by Running a Blogging Course

In the post, Darren recounts how we did the 31DBBB project as a group and the great results we had by doing it as a group.

The success of our project inspired him to pitch the idea to other bloggers in other niches to lead similar projects as a way to “become the blogging expert in your niche.”  He’s even offering to provide a 25% discount on the 31 DBBB e-book to anyone who organizes a project with at least 5 participants.

Darren’s post validates several of the things I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

First, it validates the tremendous power of collaboration and learning as a group.  I think anyone who participated in our project would say they got exponentially more out of this project than they ever could have by doing the 31DBBB book on their own.

Second, it validates that our 31DBBB project was a great success.  All of you who were a part of our 31DBBB project, give yourself a hand!  You were the ones who made it so successful!

If any of our 31DBBB project participants or ProBlogger readers read his, are interested in leading your own 31DBBB project, and have any questions, ask away in the comments.

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