31DBBB Day 28: Write A Review Post

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Written by careese

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Thumbs upThis is Day 28 of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, a group project 60+ of us bloggers are doing together in an effort to help each other become better bloggers.

The review is what I do.  Since I have a bath and beauty blog, reviews are a central part of my blogging experience.  There is something empowering about writing a review.  It gives you, the reviewer, a voice on a particular topic.  You have an opinion, and people value the honest opinions of others.

Darren gave some great tips for writing an expert review.  However, I do have a few more  tips for crafting the perfect review:

  • Compare the product with the promise. Does the product deliver all that it promises?   How does it measure up against the manufacturer’s claims?  When doing a review I give my overall opinion as well as whether I feel that the product delivers on the specific claims of the manufacturer.   I usually look at the label or the manufacturer’s website and build those claims onto my review.
  • Details count. Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference.  In my case, I comment on the texture and smell of a product.  Sometimes I’ll find a container especially inconvenient.  I mention these things in my review.  These kinds of details may seem meaningless, but sometimes details make all the difference.
  • Don’t lose your voice.  Each blogger will have his or her own voice as a writer.  Because the review may be a different type of blog for many, there is the temptation to adjust your voice to fit this style.  However, I believe that readers read your blog for information, but also for your unique voice.  If you’re funny, bring that comedy into your review.  Give the relevant information, but deliver it as only you can.

I agree with Darren that reviews are important for all types of blogs.  I find that the review is  great for building community.  A review gives a chance for readers to agree, disagree, or ask questions.  This helps to build relationships with your readers.  Having this type of relationship enables you to taylor  your blog to your readers.

Reviews are great ways to give information, but they are also great ways to get information.  Often after I post a review, people will share their opinions, or suggest other products for me to try.  My readers alert me to new products that I may never have heard of otherwise.

Give the review a try.  It will be great for you and your readers.   Go forth and conquer!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you ever turn to blog reviews for information or opinions?
  2. Do you think incorporating reviews will be useful to you as a blogger?

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    • yeah 🙂 and don't forget – if you are asked or get financial benefit – to be honest about it.
      I've written a few, but have not gotten any financial benefit from it. I wish at times someone would let me use some piece of software of hardware for a short time – in order to write a review.
      But until then, I have to build a reputation of honest and useful reviews.

    • This is interesting as I haven't been looking ahead to each days lesson and so it's a bit like a surprise to me.

      Anyway, I'm currently writing a review my way in my voice and with the details I believe will be of interest. It's for a commercial product and the deal I agreed with the company was that I'd givethem first response to my review before I publish it. It won't change what or how I say it but they can have their response put up after mine if that's what they want.

      Anyway, I sent the first draft off yesterday and today's response has basically asked me to rewrite it with a lot less detail and to simplify it.

      Whilst I've already responded I'd love to know what you folks think to this? My basic answer was I might shorten it a bit but the content and direction will stay – however as a concillatory approach I've asked them to point out another review of the type they mean as I could have completely mis-understood them.

      So would any of you change a review to this degree?
      Would you have responded any differently?

      • I think it is good to have them point to another review. This would help you if they think a different format would be best. However, if they are trying to control content, then I would go ahead with your original post. I think your response was a good one.

    • I've never written a review before so this one is coming as a bit of a challnege to me. I've spent the past couple of hours working on one and still haven't come up with a finished product :-\\ Anyways, in the meantime i did put together a video post for today. 😀

    • I have written one book review that did generate some discussion. I highlighted a few of the comments that I felt were significant about the book and it those were the items that generated discussion and not whether I thought the book was good or bad. Just thinking off the top of my head, I could see me writing future reviews on other books, movies, and music and still be in line with the type of content that I want to provide. I would be open for other suggestions for those that have read a few of my posts.

      Today's post is:

    • I'll have to give this one more thought. I do not see the purpose of reviewing products in my blog. I'll probably do book reviews occasionally, though. And the only "thing" I have looked at in other blogs have been "coupon clipper" items.

      Going out looking and retitling my last post.

      In Him,

    • I have not yet done a review. Not sure it fits my niche. I could see doing a book review or reviewing another devotional type blog. Something I will have to look into for the future. I'm not really into a lot of trendy, new things that need reviewing. Even the books I read tend to be old. (Right now I've been reading "The Cost of Discipleship" by Bonhoeffer).

      Anyway, I developed today's post after thinking about what I commented on someone else's blog yesterday: The Relationship Gives Life to the Record.