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3 Things Every Church Website Needs for Christmas

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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Christmas is just a few weeks away.

Have you figured how you’re going to celebrate the holiday?

Just like my family, millions of other families are making plans for how they are going to spend their Christmas.  A big part of their Christmas plans include where they will attend church, if at all.  According to a Pew research report, Christmas is second only to Easter as the time of the year when more Americans search the internet using the word “Church”.  This means that there is a huge opportunity to have new visitors walk in your doors this Christmas season.

The only way that you will get the opportunity to meet these visitors is if you have the following 3 pieces of information prominently displayed on your website:

1) Service Times:  Most visitors are looking for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day service times.  Make sure they are easy to find on your homepage.

2) Address:  Because many people searching for churches in your area don’t regularly attend your church, don’t make visitors hunt for your address.  It may be listed in your footer, but during this time of the year, put it higher up on your homepage as well.

3) What To Expect:  I have learned… Frustration occurs when expectations aren’t met.  Eliminate frustration by setting proper expectations.

Quote: frustration occurs when expectations aren't met

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Different churches have different styles of Christmas services.

  • How long will the service be?
  • Are children welcome in the service? Is children’s church and/or child care provided?
  • What will people be wearing?
  • Will services be available online? If so, where?

Put that information either on your homepage or include a link to a “What To Expect at our Christmas Eve Services” link that takes visitors to a page with all of this information.

Having these 3 “musts” on your homepage will not only increase the number of people that will attend your services but that they will feel more comfortable when they arrive.

What other bits of information are important to have on your church website during the Christmas season?  Please post your comments below!

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    • Hi Mark, agree with you and thanks for your great suggestions, not only church sites, I think that every website online all need some update for the new year 🙂