3 Secrets To The Best Church Website Builder Designs

church website builder designs
Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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We are rapidly approaching our 20th Anniversary at OurChurch.Com.  When we first started, we only provided church website hosting.  Over time we began hosting for other organizations like ministries, missions, businesses, and schools.  However, church web hosting continues to be the core of our business, so we are often asked about the best church website builder designs.

Church website designs (also known as themes or templates) have changed over the past two decades.  Most church website builders used to have templates that included symbols like crosses, clouds, water, doves, Bibles, etc.  Today, the church designs themselves no longer have these items integrated in them.  In addition, when building a church website that is inviting to those who are not currently church goers, it is best not to use too much symbolism or “members only” wording, in efforts to make visitors feel more welcome.

Below are 3 secrets to to selecting the best church website builder theme:

  • Mobile friendly – Make sure when you build a church website, the design is responsive to the device being used (phone, tablet, computer).
  • Open – Most new designs are free-flowing and open.  This means they usually don’t have distinct lines that separate the header, menus, and content.
  • Compliment your church’s colors – If you have a logo or have specific “church colors” that are always the same, select a design with the same colors.

To summarize, the best church website designs will compliment your church’s colors, are free flowing, and are mobile friendly.

church website builder designs

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At OurChurch.Com we have many church website designs to choose from and are adding more every month.  Also, if you have us build a custom church website for you, you have complete control over the website design used in your website.

What are other items to consider when selecting the best church website design?  Please post your comments below!

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