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3 Rules for Putting Music on Your Website

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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A big part of the Christmas season in our house (and many homes) is Christmas music.

We all love listening to the music of the season.  We are reminded of the birth of our Savior, the reason for the season, and the joy the promise of Christ gives us.

No matter the season, many churches and ministries like to put music on their website.   They want to express who they through music but usually are unaware of the rules of putting music on their website.

Below are 3 rules of putting music on your website that will protect you and give the visitor to your church website design the best experience possible.

  1. Permission.  Music written and performed by someone else is owned by someone else.  Just because you hear a song on the radio, doesn’t give you permission to place that music on your website.  You must have permission (best to have written permission) by those who own the right to the music to put it on your website.  Don’t wait until you get a letter from a lawyer to do this.
  2. No auto-play.  One of the biggest frustrations that people have when visiting websites is when music or sound starts playing when they didn’t want it to.   Folks may be at work or in public setting where unexpected music from a website would be distracting or annoying.  Always make it so the visitor has to specifically click on something to have the music heard.
  3. Give control to the visitor.  Similar to #2, making it simple for your website visitor to control music on your website is very important.  Make it easy for them to find the “play” button but also make it easy for them to either pause or stop playing the music as well as controlling the volume from your website’s player.

OurChurch.Com just launched adding free online Christian music that meets all three criteria listed above.  Having us add The Joy FM online player to your website will give your visitors control over the music (when to play, volume, etc).  Also, The Joy FM has the permission to play all the music, so you don’t have to spend time trying to obtain the rights to have the music on your website.

If you host your website with OurChurch.Com, contact us and we will add The Joy FM player to your website for FREE!

Music can change the world because it can change people. ― Bono

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  • Great Article Mark, thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge with us. Music can be entertaining for the visitor.
    I had a Doubt if there is a play or pause button for the visitor sometimes visitors won’t even notice it and hereby missing the added music.
    Let me know your thoughts?

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