3 Reasons Christian Organizations Should Use Uscreen In Their Ministries

Written by deannatroupe

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Christian organizations have two main functions. One is to evangelize and teach the lost. The other one is to edify its current members to keep them from going astray. Of course you expect for people to come to your events and worship services. However, sometimes the people you want to reach can’t come to you when your doors are open. Maybe they have to work. Maybe they are taking care of a sick loved one.

How would you like to be able to reach those people where they are without having to know a lot about video streaming technology?

You can do that by using Uscreen. The rest of this article is going to give you some information about how your organization can benefit from using Uscreen.

1) You Control The Content That Is Shown Alongside Your Video

If you use free platforms, you never know what could be shown next to your video. You may wind up exposing your members to content they may not want to see. If you use Uscreen, you will be able to control this. You won’t be exposing your members to worldly content.

2) Your Content Will Stay Up Until You Decide To Take It Down

If you use a free service to host your videos, they can take your videos down at any time. If the service you use gets a new owner that doesn’t agree with your views, they can shut down your entire channel. Using a service like Uscreen means that you won’t have to worry about your content being taken down.

3) Your Members Will Be Able To Download Videos To View Later

Many free services don’t allow you to download videos easily. With Uscreen, your members will be able to download videos for offline viewing. This will allow them to focus on listening to your message instead of furiously scribbling down notes. Also, people that visit your organization will be able to download the video when they get home if they enjoyed what they heard during their visit. If your members are studying with a potential new member, they can just pull out their phone and show the person they are studying with one of your best sermons.

Reaching new audiences does not have to be difficult. In fact in can be quite easy if you use technology to your advantage. Using Uscreen can make it very easy for your organization to seek and save the lost.

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