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Take Your Website to the Next Level with 3 New Premium Plugins

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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We are excited to introduce 3 new premium plugins for our WP-EZ Christian/Church Website Builder – a full-feature shopping cart, online event registration and a zooming image slider.

Previously, each Christian or church web hosting package we offered included a fixed set of features (plugins). So, this is the first time we’ve offered the option of adding some extra, very valuable functionality.

A little more on each of the premium plugins…

WooCommerce Full-Feature Shopping Cart

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web and powers 28% of all online stores. It has the capacity to manage thousands of products and handle different product options such as sizes and colors. It calculates shipping and taxes. And it looks great!

Online Event Registration

Enable people to sign up online, anytime, anywhere for your events. Churches can use this for dinners, youth events, vacation bible school and more. Schools can use it for extracurricular activities. Most ministries and businesses have events to sign up for as well. The Pro version also lets you take payments for events like concerts and youth group activity that have a fee.

Zooming Image Slider

You’re probably familiar with image sliders that work like a slide show, rotating through a series of images every few seconds. A zooming image slider gradually zooms in or out on each image while it’s being displayed. The sense of motion adds life to a website in a very professional, classy way.

Are you ready to move beyond the plateau you’re on and reach the next level?


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We’ll be looking more in depth at each of these plugins during the month of March, which we’re calling Premium Plugins Month.

For more info or to order any of these premium plugins,  click here!


  • What do you think of the premium plugins?
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