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How does this lawyer stand out among all the others?

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

Lawyers… their reputation as a whole is usually not very good.  In fact, there are too many lawyer jokes to list.  However, I have found that just like many other generalities, it is a few bad apples that cast a shadow on so many good attorneys.

I have some very good friends who are lawyers.  They are all upstanding, honest people who truly want to help people who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of needing an attorney to help them navigate through challenging legal circumstances.

One of these lawyers is Chuck Philips.  He is a personal injury attorney who has nearly 30 years of legal experience.  He is genuine, caring, and continually finding ways to help people, both clients and people in need within the community.

A while back, Chuck asked me if I would review his website and make recommendations on how he could improve it.  After reviewing the site and discussing the goals Chuck had for his website, he asked if we would build a new custom website and put together a search marketing program to help him improve his visibility to those searching for an local attorney.

I asked about their previous website situation, the process of working with us, and how their new site has impacted their practice:

Q:  Tell me about the issues you were struggling with your old website.

A:  The old site was bland and not inviting and it wasn’t mobile friendly, so visitors on phones or tablets would have difficulty viewing the site.  We were also not putting the needed time into the website.

Q:  What was the process like working with OurChurch.Com?

A:  The process working with OurChurch.Com has been very good from the beginning, setting up the website design/content to now keeping it updated and relevant.  The best part of working with OurChurch.Com is their knowledge and expertise, and the immediate response we receive with any of our questions, issues, changes that we may have.

Q:  What are some of the benefits you see the new website providing to the your firm?

A:  The benefits with the new website has to be the content , making sure it is current, and allowing us to add and delete info

The process working with OurChurch.Com has been very good from the beginning. -Chuck Philips

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I invite you to visit http://chuckphilips.com and post your comments about his website below.   Also, if you are in the Tampa Bay area and are in need of a personal injury attorney, I highly recommend Chuck Philips!

If you are interested in discussing a website for your organization, please contact me here.



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