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Facebook Feed Error

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

The Facebook Feed feature in our WP-EZ Website Builder is currently displaying an error.

Facebook is making efforts to improve its privacy.  In this effort, it is requiring all developers who create software that interacts with Facebook data to re-submit their apps and plugins for approval by Facebook. During the approval process, which can last several weeks, these apps and plugins are being denied access by Facebook and thus producing errors.

As you can imagine this is big, widespread problem. And the Facebook Feed plugin used in WP-EZ is one of the plugins affected.

Is it Affecting Your Website?

Note that the Facebook Feed is an optional feature which you would have had to manually add to your website. If you did not specifically add the Facebook Feed to your sidebar or a page of your website, it doesn’t affect you. If you’re not sure, click around the pages of your website and look for it.

If you’re logged into the WP-EZ admin, you’ll see an “Unable to display Facebook posts” error. Website visitors (and you, if you’re not logged in) will just see blank space where the Facebook Feed is normally displayed.

Temporary Work-Around

While the Facebook Feed developers are waiting for approval of the new version of their plugin, they have created a temporary work-around. To get your Facebook Feed working…

First, email us at support (at) ourchurch (dot) com and ask us to update your Facebook Feed plugin.

We will update the plugin, then we’ll send you these instructions to authorize the plugin to get the Facebook data from your organization’s Facebook page.

Facebook Feed temporary fix

Permanent Fix On the Way

Once the new version of the Facebook Feed plugin has been approved by Facebook, we’ll update the plugin on all sites and let everyone know.

If you have any comments or questions, post them below.


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