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Tampa church reaches community through new website

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

One of my greatest joys is working with people who are looking for church website design.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Al Smith from The Rock Church of God by Faith in developing their new website.

They are a church located in Tampa, FL that loves God, loves people and most of all, love to see the Lord work in the lives of people.

They recently launched their new church website, http://therockcogbf.org

So I asked Al what brought them to OurChurch.Com, what it was like to work with OCC, and the benefits they saw from their new website.  I want to thank Al for sharing their story with me and allowing us to share it with you!

Q:  What issues as your church struggling with before you contacted OurChurch.Com?

A:  The issues that we were struggling with was the overall look of the site. It had the look of being copy and pasted together. A lot of filler and colors on the pages which made the website look real busy and hard on the eyes. Any updates that were done to a considerable amount of time to occur. Our pastor is real big on doing things with excellence in mind. Even though He did not voice the discontent, I could sense that he was not satisfied with the product.

Q:  What was the process like working with OurChurch.Com?

A:  Working with OCC has been a joy. Mark was great! From the very beginning everything was handled in steps and made the process of knowing what we had to do much easier.

The greatest tool was having the process chart made up so we could get a picture of what the site would look like content wise and sections could be assigned to different team members and put together a quality site. It was our first time for some of the team members to really see the developing of a website and what all is involved. It’s more than just throwing up a bunch of pictures and words on a screen.

I especially appreciate the willingness to have conversations before a decision was made to go with OCC and even more so the conference calls that we were able to have as a team with OCC after the contract was signed to get pointed in the right direction. I really appreciate the patience that OCC exhibited. They presented a timeline to us and as much as we as a team discussed sticking to it, life happened, so it to longer than conceptualized, but they stuck right by us and would follow up with us to offer any help they could to help us move forward.

Q:  What are some of the benefits you see the new website providing to the church?

A:  One of the greatest benefits that I see the site providing is a portal in which we can reach out to the community and beyond. Also, it ‘s another avenue where evangelism can take place. And as we grow the site can grow with us to further reach individuals in ways that sometimes humanly may be difficult. Ministry happen online. A way to use what some have perverted to the Glory of God!

Working with OCC [OurChurch.Com] has been a joy.  – Al Smith, The Rock Church of God by Faith

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What is your church’s current website like?  Is it hard on the eyes or falling short of excellence?  Please post your comments below.

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