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Google adds Posts to Google My Business

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

Recently, Google rolled out Google Posts to all local organizations that use Google MyBusiness.  These are the Google local listings that appear in Google Maps.

A post is a short snippet (up to 300 words) which you can use to promote something.  You can add an image to it.  You can also add a one of 5 call to action buttons – “Learn more,” “Reserve,” “Sign up,” “Buy” or “Get offer.”  Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like in Google My Business.

And here’s a screenshot of screen to create a post.


I experimented with this by creating a Google Post for our sister company Skyway Web Design and Marketing.  If you blog, as we do for Skyway, a really easy way to use Google Posts is to use the image, and excerpt from your latest blog post and make the “Learn More” button link to the full post.

Here’s a screen shot of the Google Post as it appears to people viewing Skyway’s Google My Business listing. (Note it’s the part with the pic of the hands on the laptop  followed by the text “A ‘search engine friendly’ website…” followed by the “Learn More” link.)


While creating a Google Post from a blog post is quick and easy, it’s likely more effective as a tool to promote a special offer or upcoming event.

At this time there’s no indication whether using Google Posts will improve an organization’s local SEO and local search rankings, but it could.  Google could look at use of Posts as an indication the organization is more engaged and provides fresher content and organizations that use Posts a small boost in rankings

With SEO there are few huge impact factors. Instead, it’s hundreds of little factors that combine to make a huge impact.

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With our theme of A Game-Changing Mindset for Summer, give it a try.

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