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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb! Finally spring has sprung and we are getting some pleasant and mild weather. With April here and the winter season finally coming to an end; we look forward to fun in the sun and taking worship outside.

With the winter season finally ending, Churches everywhere are going to begin their outside events. Be it: youth groups, Church camps, Church retreats or missions trips. At Christian Strong™ they offer custom clothing for Churches around America. With their stylish and tasteful designs, your Church or organization will be able to represent the Lord and your Church with designs that you will help create.

Custom Christian Clothing

They offer their custom clothing at 33% less than the leading market value and waive art charges to make the custom designs as affordable as possible. To ensure lower costs for your Church or organization they also offer FREE two week shipping so you won’t have to wait long for your custom Christian clothing. You will work closely with their design experts and customer service representatives on YOUR schedule according to YOUR plans. Choose them for your next event so you can represent your ministry in a meaningful way.

Fundraising Opportunities

They are also offering fundraising opportunities because they believe in supporting local ministries across the nation. When your Church or organization uses a specific promo code to promote their retail site and friends and family make purchases using that code, then the Church will receive portions of the sale! Also, for everyone who signs up to use Christian Strong as a fundraiser, they will make a donation to their cause! Be sure to contact them for more information.

Christian Strong has been supporting local communities and ministries for many years. They believe in giving back and helping those whom are faithful. They believe their mission is a God sent one helping them lead a path of righteousness through fashionable Christian clothing that people can be proud to wear. You can trust them with your Church or organization because they truly care about those who worship the Lord. Christian Strong started offering custom clothing for Churches and organizations because they truly believe that all those who worship should be proud and should feel comfortable and confident to share their beliefs and represent their religion, their God and their Church.


  • What ministry, cause or event do you have coming up that you want to raise funds or awareness for?
  • What do you think about using custom Christian clothing to do that?

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