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WP-EZ Is Now Getting Daily Security Updates

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

One of the benefits of building your website with our WP-EZ Website Builder, is that we do all the updates to your website’s software for you. Today we introduced new security processes which increase up the frequency of these updates to make WP-EZ more secure than ever.

WP-EZ is based on WordPress, the most popular website platform on the planet. This results in a lot of benefits like thousands of great plugins and frequent improvements, but it also makes it a popular target for hackers.

If you were to build your own WordPress website and not login for a while, a hacker could discover a security vulnerability and hack your site before you even were aware an update was available.

You might think if you hire a professional to design and build your website, they would keep it secure, but we’re not aware of any other company that will update the WordPress core and all plugins.

How often should you update your website software?

That’s a tough question to answer. How long do you want to potentially leave your website vulnerable?

We’ve been updating WP-EZ websites twice a month since it launched. Then this week we had some sites that were hacked because hackers exploited a new security vulnerability that was discovered since our previous update.

Because all our hosting accounts include daily backups which we keep for 30 days, we were able to restore all the sites with no loss of data. But it did challenge us to review and rethink our update process.

As a result, we’re now doing daily security checks and updates.

Most people I know don’t have time to check their website every day for new updates and install them when they’re available.

This daily security update, saves you time and gives you added peace of mind, knowing that your website is being kept secure.

If you’re in need of website builder that saves you time, gives you peace of mind and is included with your Christian or church web hosting, click.

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